Thursday, December 8, 2011


there are only a few things im a freak about.

1. fevers over 104.
2. picking up the house after the kids are in bed.
3. traditions.

(ok truth be told, im a freak about more stuff, but lets move on...)

besides the fact that i just dealt with sawyer's 104+ fever *and* my nesting is kicking in ;) its the holiday season - and also aidan's birthday is coming up. and both of those things are full of traditions.

here's a few of the things that i hold dear :)

waking you up with singing on your birthday. and video taping it :) if you go to TYLWL and click on some birthday posts, youll hear a lot of my horrible singing voice :) and some cranky kids who i woke up with that voice. i just love it. i want to do it forever. then laugh when they are 16 and want to throw something at me.

putting up a christmas tree. this is non-negotiable. we wont just *not* have one. ever. plus, i have such a sweet spot for it by the stairs in the front lol

taking pics of my kids on their first bdays in the cloud PJs.

all 3 cloud PJs

EJ put reese down to bed the night before her first bday. and i FREAKED OUT. i woke her up and put the cloud PJs on her. the comparison is worth it no matter what.

opening a present before xmas. growing up we always opened up stocking presents the night before -- since the kids are too young to get the difference, for now, they can get a big gift early ;)

going to a christmas tree lighting. we have been to the downtown mck one since aidan was 1 :) its 10 seconds of magical :) and worth the crowds.

buying a pretty dress for pics and your birthday party. we go out, you can pick which one you like (or pick a dress we have that you love), and have a heyday. today, for instance, aidan and i were online shopping for her dress for the big 5!! (sigh). they love that stuff.

hmmmm... i'll add to this later :) but for now....