Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sawyer's hair.

a year ago, this was sawyer.
kitchen hugs1

sawyer barnwood2

sweet, sweet baby. but... not a lot of hair. in august when we found out about her allergies/sensitivities to the MAIN liquid we were giving her (soy) and other things (you can read about it HERE), she started to get those vitamins in her system and grow those curly locks!!

this was the day we let her eat cheese without worrying that she'd smell like a barnyard
sweet sawyer1

but now?! holy hair ::swoon::

a little bedhead :)

brushing it out (cell pic)

sweaty and wet.
14th april1

13th april10

perfectly curly with a clip.
table stripes-11

and today.... drumroll.....



she has also gained at LEAST 5-6lbs since last late summer :) YAY!!


eta: i should probably note that 1. that stripey hoodie is her fave shirt. and 2. that tan/greenish dress is her fave dress. so dont fear if you seem them often LOL

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day 16.

Day 16-Dream house

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ok this is easier than some of the others. these are all from pics from my own city. i'll combine them into one great house :)

the front would look like this




then you come through the doors




living room

some sort of guest bathroom

some place nice with natural light for me to shoot in

then id need an office, of course.

and my own library. cmon - i was a lit major after all ;)

i couldnt decide on my master BR, but this is for sure my closet.

and the baby room ;)

media room

outside with a nice sized yard

but nice for entertaining

ya know. something simple. obviously.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

day 15.

Day 15-Bible verse

psalm 25:1

In you, LORD my God, I put my trust.

i sort of live this way. sort of.

i figure in life, there's only so much i can do - the rest is up to God.

when people worry about things i think to myself:

dear self,
you have done everything "right". or everything you can for this situation. sit back and relax and let God handle the rest.
love, me.

and it seems to help :)

why call it SAHM?

hmmm? when i am never *at home*?

ok, so thats a lie. im at home for at least 3 hrs in the afternoon while they are all sleeping (yes you read that right - dont be too jeals.)


i wake up, get ready. that takes all of 5 mins bc i basically wear gym clothes every morning.

then i go get the girls. i get aidan, grab some clothes for her. then do the same for sawyer. then we all go to reese's room and get dressed. this is a great idea of mine. except for the fact that then that means 3 children's PJs are now on the floor of her room. which is annoying. bc i forget about it and then have a mound of PJs more to wash when i only think that i have the basket thats in the main area. blah.

we go down, eat breakfast, do hair ::twitch:: and then get shoes on and out the door. all the while this is happening, i am making lunches for school (MTR). now, i know very well i should do this the night before. but i dont. so suck it.

then we get in the car and go. we always are on the go.

Mon - A at school, S and R at the gym with me. then we usually head to lunch with my parents.

Tues - A and S at school, R and i go to the gym or run errands. today, i ran R over to hang with my parents while A skipped school and went to the dentist (which is another post in itself). OR on tuesdays, i try to plan my newborn shoots while reese is napping. that works out. sometimes.

Wed - no school - all go to the gym. we can be "lazier" on wednesdays lol sometimes then lunch out at CFA or with my parents if we didnt go monday.

Thurs - A and S at school. R and i at the gym.

Fri - no school - we either go to the gym or have playdates on fridays.

then we come home and take naps. and i edit. or putz. or do the laundry that is left in reese's room lol OR i do the dishes. or something.

but thats the only part of the day we "stay at home". when they are up, EJ is almost home from work (or home on late nap days) and so im done! haha

maybe its just us - we have to leave. we cant sit in the house all morning. when i get A and S up for the day, they immediately ask "where we going today?" bc they neeeed to do something.

anyway. thats my post for the day LOL

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Monday, April 25, 2011

well then.

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Circle of Moms Top 25 Baby Journals

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day 14.

Day 14-A picture you love

um. ok. im not gonna lie that this post is sort of ridiculous for me.

i have an entire other blog (TYL blog at top) dedicated to my favorite daily photos. so...

but instead, i'll play a game with it. my flickr has 422 pages. with 18 photos on each page.

so i'll do a random one.

page... um... 39? LOL #6. ok let me go grab it (youre just going to have to believe me that i randomly picked numbers).

bathtub time7

ok thats a boring one. lets try again.

page 52 #12.

ok one more for good measure. lets go OLD? page 312 #8

haha okay that was march 4, 2010. eeek.

lets do another oldie. page 258.... #17
bubble edit4

ok - youre turn. pick a random page and number :) i'll add it!