Friday, February 24, 2012

life with 4.

what a wonderful 3 (well, almost) weeks i've had. miller is an angel and i am making sure to soak up every sweet moment with her.

but i'll start with some catching up ;)

here is my photo set from the first week or so. ---> CLICK HERE.

annnnd here is my post from that same day ---> AHEM.

but, of course, there's been a lot of time since then, right?

everyone asks "so how is it with 4?!" and honestly, right now, not that much different. the difference will be in a few months when she's not sleeping so much. haha

my day has been adjusted mainly for feedings. i wake up a bit earlier to feed miller and then i get aidan and sawyer up. i get them dressed, food started, and hair done -- then i go wake reese up. i feed her, A and S get shoes and socks on, we all pack up and head to school.

getting in and out for school is the hard part lol as MANY of you know from facebook (and the longest status comment thread ive ever had for something so mundane lol) i had to get another double stroller. i drive a tahoe. captain seats in the middle and then 3rd row. so miller and reese are in the middle. and i send aidan and sawyer to the back. but its only a tahoe... so i have ZERO trunk space, then. (before i had 4, i took out 1/2 of the 3rd row so i could put a ton of stuff back there - including my MONSTER kolcraft duo - but not anymore).

so i got a super light and very thin double (peg perego) that fits in the back nicely. ::confetti:: we went to buybuybaby about 100x trying double strollers. and seeing if theyd fit. and for now, this is great -- all i need it to do is put reese and miller into a stroller to take aidan and sawyer to school. the halls are so busy, the last thing i want to do is chase reese around!! :) later, i want to sell one or both of the doubles and then put it towards a BOB double jogger. but i'll wait until M is out of the bucket, for that. annnnnd a suburban haha

ANYWAY. since i dont have the gym right now (boo. hiss. -- they dont take babies under 12 weeks so i freeze my account for those 3 months), after we do drop off, we just... go home... sometimes we run errands, but really, there's only so often i can go to target (thats a lie)! luckily, the past 3 weeks have kept me busy with a dr appt here and there, lunch with friends, and the amazing amount of laundry that shows up every day...

::sorry i am babbling. im watching "brideday friday" on TLC and sort of distracted::

oh, hey, remember that time we moved sawyer and aidan into the same room? yeah. good times //sarcasm

well that has ended. i thought theyd get bored. i thought theyd realize that "OMG I HAVE THE REST OF THE DAY TO PLAY, FIGHT, MAKE UP, PLAY MORE!!" but they didnt realize that. and, in the end, weren't getting enough sleep.

we then tried reese and sawyer. um. bwhahahahaha.

so, since we never actually made up miller's room completely (sawyer's old room), we moved her back. so now sawyer has a newly painted room, new curtains, and is alone again. its been so nice. and quiet.

we will do reese and miller when we move miller out of the PNP in our room. because miller wont be getting out of bed, twirling around the room, singing, and living with her head in the clouds making reese crazy.... like sawyer did. so im hoping that M and R works... then we'll move out of this house. haha 2012 is year of the "get the house ready and upgrade from a 4br to a 5br spring 2013!"

hmmm other things... OH! sleep! the last weeks of pregnancy were worse, to be honest. i was waking up so cranky and uncomfortable. peeing non stop. ugh. but at least i get a few hours here and there! some random nights i get super lucky and have a really large span of time - like 5-6 hours. BUT that is not the norm. the "norm" is about 4 hrs -- but starting at 8pm. so when we go to bed at 9 and are asleep by 1030 or so (hey, we like pillow talk!! lol) thats not a lot of sleep before the first wake up.

thats no one's fault but my own, though ;) like, right now, for instance, i should be sleeping!

during the day, miller is awake a lot in the mornings, but then crashes in the afternoon. then she cluster feeds all evening.

as for breastfeeding, this has been the easiest kid so far. i know a lot of you have talked about anxiety while BFing and know that thats how it was with reese. but this time is so... relaxed. i even NIP at chickfila today haha she's a good eater and while i still have those "OMFG I HAVE TO DIG MY NAILS INTO SOMETHING AND NOT SAY 100 CURSE WORDS" seconds at first letdown/latch -- then its fine! hahaha that pain has been getting better though - and ive been told that 3 weeks is average, so we'll see.

im trying to think of anything else thats changed -- but really, its just one more sweet, amazing person in our family to love.

aidan and sawyer are simply over the moon in love with miller. they watch her. hug her. kiss her. they have to say goodnight to her. and goodbye when they are at school. but none of that really surprised me. they are so good to each other and reese, that i knew itd be okay.

reese, on the other hand, is hilarious. she's not *jealous*, really, but she just doesnt particularly care about miller. she doesnt want to hold her or anything (and if you know reese, she does that grunt and shoulder shift of "like hell, dude. no room here") but then she will always come running with a blanket for her. and will rub her head. :) so i think she just has to wait for miller to be something other than a crying and sleeping thing that seems to be hanging around. lol luckily, reese gets a lot of time with me during the day - so that helps :)

in the end, im just REALLY trying to soak it all in. i dont know what the future holds for us for more kids or not -- and i want to spend every moment i can loving on this newborn stage. i am the first one to have admitted before that i am more of a "toddler mom", but this time is so different... sigh... now i want to go snuggle her lol

maybe ill add to this later - or another post -- or ask me something that you want to know? just comment!!

[yes, i need to update the header to this blog. and my TYLWL blog. ill get to it ;)]