Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i disowned them.

a story i forgot about.

so we're in a fabric store. the whole family. i have aidan and reese in my cart and EJ has sawyer.

i get the things i need and we're planning out the rest of the day. sawyer/EJ are in front of me and we're just chillin in line. in our 2 carts.

i hear sawyer tell EJ "i sick". then HURL.

she pukes out from the cart and on to the floor. omg. seriously?

so i give EJ the "get her the eff out of here" look. duly noted. and he goes.

no one saw her puke. ::paranoia::

so im next in line. get up to the counter. and say (omg. lol)

"did you see? that kid just threw up!"
"oh wow! where?"
"right there. but then i think they ran out to clean her up"
"ok. hey! did you see we need a mop."
"yeah. gross."

LOL then i walk outside. EJ was on his way BACK in to clean it up. but they had already done it.

i disowned my own family to buy fabric. i did. lol oops.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


or things i want to do this year.

1. learn photoshop elements. i do all my editing in lightroom. i have PSE and should learn how to use it. now, whether i actually use it for processing my photos? eh, we'll see. but i want to know more of what i *can* do.

2. bust out my new sigma 85 1.4 and show it out in all its glory. its a mere few states away on a nice USPS truck coming to my house right now. and im purely giddy about it.

3. keep going to the gym 3-4x a week. the holidays (and EJ home) made me so lazy bc i didnt want to get up and go. so instead of 3-4, i was down to 2-3 and it bummed me out. so this year i really do want to make sure i get up and OUT! of course, the kids back in school will help bc i have to take them by 9am :)

4. change up my gym routine. i go to the same classes all the time. i dont want to miss those classes -- but i need to add something to confuse my body a bit. i always get down to the same "body" after babies and then it stalls.... bc nothing changes in my routine. so that needs to be fixed.

5. eat better. make the kids eat better. i need to take out the processed crap we have in our house and just STOP with it all. i can get them to eat fruit at any point in time, but i need to figure out how to throw veggies in there without having to make a smoothie and trick them ;) and besides, going to the gym does nothing when i come home and eat shit.

6. be more patient. i really do think i have a lot of patience as a mom with a 4 year old, 2.5 year old, and 8 month old. i pride myself in that -- but i want it to be 100% of the time (ok 99%. lets not go crazy). i dont want to get frustrated with the small things and "la dee da" with bigger ones. i want to be "its okay. none of this is a big deal" with everything my kids do to torment me throughout the day. its okay that ive said "put your shoes on please" 50x. its okay that aidan's room is, yet again, a disaster zone. its okay that ive gone through 203942309482 dishes for the day even thought i *just* did them earlier that morning. its allllll okay.

7. go to church. this is something i think would be nice for all of us. i have aidan and sawyer learning so much in their baptist little preschool, but i want to be a part of it again. i want to make nice friends there, have my kids meet more friends, and overall - have a day of the week where i can feel whole again.

8. plan, in advance, date nights with EJ. i am going to talk to the sitter and mark down days ahead of time that she can come over. that way, even if my parents are at the lake, we can at least go out to dinner more often just the 2 of us :)

9. stay on top of my business. not bc i was ever behind, mind you - but i want to make sure i keep organized, everything filed as it should, etc etc... i dont ever want to be in a spot where "omg where is that" or "omg i totally forgot about ______". so i will continue to be as diligent as i have been in the past few months :) it feels good to have a whole sector of my life that i can keep completely how *i* want it to be. bc its mine. its my business.

10. fight my baby fever. well, eh? maybe. LOL