Friday, February 25, 2011

day 13.

Day 13-Goals

hmmmm ok ive put writing on this blog off bc i was trying to *think* of how i wanted to answer this.


okay. well, what kind?


i want to stay happy. my goal is be married to EJ until im old and decrypted. and then for a bit longer ;) and to be giggly in love for every min of that.

i want my kids to grow up knowing that they truly are the (corny) light of our lives. that we love them to the moon and back. and that they can do most anything they'd like and we'll have their back. that they can talk to us about anything. that they are beautiful in every single way you can use the word.

i want my parents to know they are cherished. and that we are appreciative of everything that they do -- above and beyond the normal parents/grandparents requirements ;)


this one is hard bc although i love doing photography - my goals are dependent on my real job -- stay at home mom.

so lets just say that it all goes as planned, mmkay? id love to buy an old historic home in downtown mckinney and use it as my studio. fill it with canvas prints from wall to wall and make it my photo cove :)

id like to rev things up when all my kids are in elem school. but even then, if life makes it where i need to keep things the same, slow biz down, or whatever, then so be it :)


i need a cruise in the next year.

i want to take the girls to the beach this summer.

hmmmm i want to try to start yoga. weird, right? but i think i need to change my routine a bit. we'll see.

this whole entry was hard for me. i just live differently, i guess? i mean everything is "thats cool!" with me in life. i dont make too many "OMG THATS MY GOAL" goals bc i just live every day as it comes. ::shrug::

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a little mom.

tonight aidan wanted to help me do the dishes. after i filled up the dishwasher, i still had a few things leftover so she said she'd do them (giggle. its like her favorite thing to do).

but the funny part is the things she says from that chair.

"you guys doing alright in there?" or "everybody okay?" to us in the living room

"daddy! did you hear sawyer peed on the potty at school today?!"


kitchen cleaning2

its her sweet nature.

she's the first one to day "are you alright? are you hurt?" or to ask if you need a bandaid.

she's the sister who, if sawyer is crying, will say "do you want me to make you cozy?" and then hold her in a blanket and sing our "i love you" song.

she puts her baby dolls down for naps. she hears when they cry (lol).

she'll just come over and kiss you for no reason and say that she loves you.

today in the car, sawyer spilled something all over her and so i took the cup away until we could get to "non-movement" again. sawyer cried.

aidan: be nice to my sister, mom.
me: i know - sorry aidan, but she cant have the cup back until we arent moving. that way she wont spill.
aidan: be nice to my sister.
me: haha okay. thanks for being so sweet. i love you.
aidan: well. i love my sister. say sorry to sawyer.
***aidan proceeds to sing i love you song to sawyer***


it wasnt even in a bossy tone lol she just wanted to show me what it will be like if someone messes with the skelte sisters. it won't be pretty.

eskimo kisses.

Monday, February 14, 2011

day 12.

yeah. so ive been slacking. thanks to my good friend catherine, who called me out via FB, im writing a post :)

Day 12-What you believe

well. first, there's religion. i am a christian. i believe that jesus died on the cross for our sins. i believe that when you believe that, live your life according to the bible, and ask for forgiveness -- you will go to heaven.

now. i believe other things, too.

i believe:
1. first time parents are among the most annoying demographic ever.
2. if you cant handle one child without complaining all.the.time, you should not have more.
3. you dont always have to win an argument with your spouse. sometimes, even if he/she says the sky is green - its okay to lose.
4. people who dont want kids dont have souls (lol okay im kidding, but cmon - how could you not want a bunch of snot buckets in your life? haha)
5. people on some parenting message boards take things to seriously.
6. the pediatrician is not a god, nor is the final word on what to do with your child.
7. photography is not a learned art - you have it or you dont. you can learn how to do things better, but you cant learn to take a picture. (disclaimer: its okay if you want to say "she doesn't have it" about me. photography is also subjective lol)
8. minivans are ugly. but that doesn't mean a tiny smidgen of my heart doesnt think they can be pretty sweet. on the inside.
9. queso is god's gift to us. eat it. same goes with wine. drink it.
10. you should say i love you to everyone in your family at least once a day.
11. compliments go farther (further?) than so much sometimes - give one.
12. texting is more useful than talking on the phone sometimes. dont be insulted when you call, i deny, then text you back.
13. couples should have sex at least 3-4x a week.
14. sleep is for the birds. pffttt... ;)
15. a good laugh can make everything better. be silly.
16. when you enter crazy town, you can never get out. accept it and be happy. we live in crazy town skelte. population 5 :)
17. weather in the mid 50's to mid 60's is the best temperature.
18. jeans are annoying and should be taken off immediately and replaced with yoga or PJ pants when at home.
19. the second you have a lot of money saved up and then say it out loud - something will break. and will cost that exact amount of money.
20. your family is the best thing in the world. love them. cherish them. thank them for being who they are.

thats what i believe.