Sunday, December 19, 2010

dont point at me.

oh man i couldnt even control my laughter.

aidan: sawyer can i have some goldfish?
sawyer: nope. they in my BELLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY. (ok, she's mocking her lol)

*aidan hits sawyer*

me: aidan. no. we do not hit our sisters.
EJ: sawyer, are you okay?

*aidan grabs my finger. then goes over and grabs EJ's finger*

aidan: do not point at me. do not point at me and say no.
EJ: aidan, if you hit someone, we will tell you no.

*aidan starts to cry*

aidan: see! you make me cry when you point at me! momma! daddy point at me and it make me cry.

ahhhhh the dramatic life of a 4 year old. do *not* point at her.

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