Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sawyer's poops.

well the problem is solved, my friends.

i, and dh, have been slowly ruining our 2 year olds body bc we assumed she had a dairy allergy and fed her soy.

oddly enough - she has a soy allergy/sensitivity. ok. really?

after her horrible blood test (started off great, but then she wasnt giving enough blood so they had to root around and i wanted to cry for her), we got her results back (appt to talk about them next week). but here are her top sensitivities.

level 3.
garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
fennel (the spice)

level 2.
eggs (we knew this! phew!)
and gluten.


so they said to start eliminating things. oh, and what a time sawyer has had with dairy products (yes, im trying to give them to her sparingly so she gets used to more dairy). but dear heavens our whole pantry is changing bc of the gluten.

and, let me remind you, food for kids like her is pricey. i was actually surprised lol i had barely anything in my house that had no wheat. so my mom and i did a lot of shopping and searching and at least found some things to start her off right :)

BUT just in the past 2 days of doing this - she has not had one blow out. just one or 2 NORMAL poops. which is so nice. haha i guess this falls into YKYAPW, right? talking about your kids poops is gross, but im so happy that now we know all these things and she can gain some weight :)

so. starting off - 2 years old and 21 lbs. lets see if we can chunk her up in a good way :)


  1. least you have an answer. I know how much bloodowork sucks. K has to go back next week for some and I am dreading it. Here's to normal poops!! ;)

  2. DD used to be gluten free and still has a dairy allergy. We are doing more testing this fall. We used to buy foods (cookies, yea!) from the enjoy life brand. All of their foods are free from the top allergens.

  3. thanks guys :)

    anon - thanks for the link. its frustrating to start shopping for this all of a sudden!

  4. make sure to read every label every single time. unless it is from a reputable gluten free company (enjoy life, bob's red mill, etc.) they change ingredients all the time and a once gluten free product will no longer be gluten free. even the tiniest bit of gluten can wreak havoc on a gluten sensitive digestive tract!

    a lot of gluten free products use garbanzo bean flour too, so watch out for that. and only buy gluten free oats- otherwise it is processed with gluten and can be contaminated. google gluten free blogs - there are a TON and they are very helpful. it is totally overwhelming at first but you'll get in the groove soon! good luck!

  5. My brother has celiac disease, and there is a possibility that I have developed it. Gluten is hard - it is not just wheat - soya sauce, msg etc. all have gluten - have to really watch everything. A good site is - lists foods to avoid, foods to question, and foods that are ok.

  6. Wow, that's crazy. At least you have an answer though. Rory has the opposite problem. We stopped having her drink milk and put her on Almond Milk and she's much better! Hopefully she was just sensitive to something in cow's milk. She still gets some dairy but not as much as she used too.

  7. update us with your dd's favorite gluten free products so far!

  8. ok! i will never remember the brands - so let me take pics of the stuff tomorrow :) and i'll write any good things ive made!