Monday, October 4, 2010

gluten free life.

ok, in case youre wondering - it sucks!! ta-daaaa!!!

its a lot harder than i thought it would be. of course.

so here is where i ask for recipes :)

what we love so far:

1. deboles pasta.
2. rice pizza crust. it actually comes out delicious and crispy.

nerdy shirt2

i did some oil, garlic powder, then some sauce and cheese. then on aidan's, i put turkey pepperoni! (sawyer cant have turkey) - and they were great!!

3. kinnikinnick donuts. they are frozen so you can just have 1 once in a while. its nice bc about 1x a month, EJ takes aidan to go get donuts before sawyer and reese wake up. so i can give sawyer her own :) she gave it 2 thumbs up!

thumbs up gf

4. glutino pretzels. they are so good. omg. totally better than normal pretzels, but since they are almost $6/bag, i refrain from eating them. lol

5. gluten free bread is okay. its frozen. (made by kinnikinnick as well), but its alright for what sawyer needs bread for. which is basically only jelly toast for breakfast. she doesn't really like sandwiches. its a pain in the ass to break off, but we only usually need one piece at a time :) i will say that its better than letting it go to waste - considering its over $7 for a 1/2 loaf! ha!

6. van's waffles. eh... these are okay. only okay. they get a little bit... i dont know the word... piecey? lol just not the same texture.

7. blue diamond crackers. SO GOOD!! i have to hide these from EJ. ;)

okay, im sure there are things im forgetting, but other than that, sawyer eats a lot of fruits, some veggies (not her fave. sigh), and meat.

with meat, she has to to a pill. an enzyme that tell her body "no. this is good. dont poop it out right away!!" and so far. this is because she has a sensitivity to all meat, fish, poultry, nuts, and grains. so for those - a pill, it is!

PLUS she takes her probiotic in the mornings. and now that she can have dairy - cheese and yogurt are, hopefully, fattening her up ;)

OH!!! and another great recipe is homemade chicken nuggets (courtesy of my friend kristi)!! okay, well, i only got so sample them bc the oven's heating element caught on fire when i made these and my new oven doesnt come til the 21st, BUT - chicken, honey, and crushed up cornflakes. divine. crunchy and so good! and sawyer ate them right up!

***note to cookers - GF pasta and some other stuff takes a helluva lot longer to cook than the package says. haha just an FYI.

oh and ETA: the other stuff is easy to keep her away from. some of this stuff may contain soy waaaayyy down the ingredient list, but it has been okay so far.


  1. completely gluten free, tons of easy crockpot recipes baked goods galore! gluten free and most are vegan too (you can sub dairy milk since your DD can have dairy) gluten, egg, & dairy free

    just follow links on those blogs and they'll lead you to sososo many more great GF blogs. you'll be a pro in no time!

    (not sure if you knew or not- those donuts have eggs in them. not sure how severe the egg allergy is, just wanted to point it out)

  2. thanks for the links! i wonder what stuff is "tell tale" good, kwim?

    and yeah, some of the stuff she eats has eggs IN it, right now (well, and always), we just dont want to give her the actual product.

    thank you!!

  3. Don't know if you have a Trader Joe's near where you live, but they have a ton of gluten free products, and they are a lot more reasonable than the prices you have been paying. I know for a fact they have gluten free cereal, bread, and I am sure there is much much more. Hope that helps.


  4. nah. no TJs here, but we have whole foods and sprouts. ;) thats about it.

  5. Try Udi's bread for GF. So, much better. It's amazing. Actually, all of their things are good. DS is Dairy, soy and wheat intolerant. We are looking at other possible issues as well. Also, try They will ship all over the country.

  6. Cornflakes have gluten in them - or at least they do in Canada. Not sure what you have available to you but there is a gluten free bakery near me with really great vread (not frozen)and a stand at the Farmer's Market sells gluten free stuff too. I make shake n bake tofu - extra firm tofu cut into slices, shake in a bag with equal parts flaked nutritional yeast and corn flour, some crunched up lime tostitos and a 5-blend of spices called Spike. Mix these all in a bag and "shake" the tofu in it. Lay on cookie sheet and back at 350 until outside is browned and a little 'crispy' looking. Great dipped in salsa (home made is great - 4 tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 1/2 onion, 2 gloves garlic - chopped in food processor or Tupperware chopper and add 1tsp Tupperware chipotle seasoning - gluten free), sour cream, hummus etc.

  7. garbanzo beans and soy are actually a level 3 sensitivity for her LOL higher than the gluten or wheat or anything. cornflakes are sweetened with barley malt, but as far as a chicken strip topping, its not as detrimental. for level 2, we have to keep it out as much as we can (which is why we are trying to be as GF as possible) BUT its okay if its not 100% gone 100% of the time. we are more worried about soy, garbanzo beans, and fennel. :)

    but that recipe sounds delish! just not for her.

  8. I see. Well that's good that it is not 100%. Barley and malt both have gluten. You can try for some recipes etc. It is the Canadian Celiac association. They have foods to avoid, foods that are okay, recipes etc. I have a really good christmas cookie recipe that is gluten-free. PM me on the bump if you want it.

  9. Annies makes some gluten/soy free stuff
    and there's Ians, but we weren't fond of the taste

    This has some recipes if you are looking for something specific without certain ingredients
    good luck! A couple months in and it'll feel like you've been doing it forever and won't feel like a big deal to find things for her.

  10. Hey! I'm following your blog!
    Can you do the same for me?
    Thanks! :)

    Good on ya for sticking to it! I'm sure that's hard!!

  11. I just came across your blog for the first time so I'm not sure all of what is going on with Sawyer, but my son is allergic to wheat (and peanuts and treenuts).

    I did a post on my blog about some of his favorite foods so it might give you a few new ideas.

    Also, Udi's bread is by far the best bread we have found for him. It does not need to be frozen or kept in the fridge and tastes just like normal bread. We buy it at Whole Foods or a local restaurant, but it can also be ordered online.