Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i should catch up!

so a few updates in the PV3 household --- first one is that i'll be having to update my header (and blog name??) next February to v4!! :) we are due feb 9th!

i went to the dr for the first time on july 5 at 8w5d and got this pretty pic.

sister shirts17

sister shirts16

sister shirts10

and then more sister shirts ;)
AS storyboard w us


i tried to get a pic of all 3 - no such luck lol
sister shirts1

i went to the dr again last week at almost 11 weeks to hear the HB on the doppler :) swoon. i took aidan with me to the appt and she heard "the baby talk to her" :) it really was so much fun.

my 11wk belly shot
11 wks1

i look plump. but i havent gained any weight and i didnt look this plump 11 weeks ago so whatever.

as for the girls - A and S (who know whats going on) are so excited. aidan is SUPER excited bc she "gets" it a bit more. she wants another sister, of course. but who knows ;)

i'll be back soon to ask your opinions on things like room sharing and swapping, etc :)


  1. Amanda, that's why I really admire you. :)
    You have three daughters, and can take care of them by yourself. And can shoot too! I think of me in your life, being mom of three (four on the way!), wife, and a AMAZING photographer, and I just couldn't be SOOO good like you! Just want you to know, that you are a wonderful person. And I really admire you. :))
    I hope this baby bring much happiness, i'm sure he/she will be very healthy, and beautiful. I'm happy for you and your family. Congrats!

  2. OMG, Congratulations punk!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if you will have another girl?!?!??! Happy & healthy 9 months (well, only 6 months left) to you!

    Quick update here too - our third girl arrived last week 7/27/11...now we have Ellie, Abbie, and Avrie...3 girls, 4 and under. It is pure craziness, but we are so so so happy!

  3. ooh and all three girls share a room in our 2BR house so i can help there! let me know when you're ready to hear about out dorm room!