Sunday, May 22, 2011

crib to bed.

so we all know (well some of you may) that i dont transition from a crib to a bed for a while. if they can get out, i tent. (well, being fully honest, i tent BEFORE they can get out lol i started with aidan bc the cat would sneak into her room. it worked so well, i did it with sawyer, too).

aren't you glad i figured out white balance and focus the past few years? geesh.
crib jumping8

zipping herself in.

sawyer sick1

and this is what sawyer's room looked like a little over a year ago - soon after we took the glider out, got her a new white dresser, etc.
sawyers room1

anyway, when they get a little closer to 3, i give it a chance. basically, when a few months before aidan turned 3, we moved into this house. so we got her this bed

aidan's room3

and then let her choose between crib and bed for a while. until she said bed - then we replaced her crb with the dollhouse. then it was fine :)

well, sawyer began to cause, um, trouble with her crib tent. she'd lean on it too much, and uhhh try to SIT up on the ledge of her crib and relax on the crib tent itself LOL so it was time.

sawyer's room is smaller than aidan's so i couldnt fit both a bed and a crib in (like i did with A). we just took the front off of her crib and converted it down.

sawyer's big girl room5

we put some of her toys in here
sawyer's big girl room4

and she was happy.
sawyer's big girl room6 first.

she crawled into bed with her blankie and cuddled up. until the storm we're having tonight got louder. she burst into tears (which she'd do even if in her crib) and so i went back in. i read her a book and then tried to leave. nope. "i waaaant you" through the tears. so i brought some toys down from her fun area and tried to get her to play. within mins, she was so scared of the storm, that we had the best/worst idea EVER.

move her to aidan's room.

so now, i have my 4.5 year old and my almost 3 year old in aidan's bed watching madagascar 2. giggling. tattling through the monitor (we swapped the video one in there tonight). and laying in bed <3

we'll they SLEEP there? who knows. but aidan told sawyer not to be scared. that they are best friends. and that "i will 'atect you, sister" (protect. obvs.) so we'll see.

eventually we'd move them together, im sure. and aidan's room is big enough to put sawyer's crib/now toddler bed in so..... ::shrug::


  1. I seriously love the orange walls. They are gorgeous! I kind of wish I had Aidan's room...

  2. haha thanks!! i love aidan's room, too :) plus she has a big ol' flat screen on the wall -- not too bad LOL

  3. so i just clicked on this link, and omg, tiny almost hairless Sawyer is so precious! what is happening with their rooms now? are they sharing? my sister and i shared a room for about 5 years and loved it!