Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bedroom name signs.

so just thought id share this :) im gonna be printing them separately at 20x30 size and then put into THIN black frames (even a poster frame would do).

im super excited.

this also kinda gives a "theme" for miller's room (which is sawyer's room now). since its thats bright green, i already have THIS BANNER that im likely going to put into her room. so i thought that id do the letters in orange. keep a bit of a theme. that with gray will look super fun, i think. very "citrus" ish.

name storyboard

anyway, it was so easy to do. letters, with spaces, copy/paste. pick a color, la dee da!! :)


  1. Cute idea! You'll have to post when they're finished and hung up.

  2. those are so cute! you are so creative. im jealous ha! :)