Sunday, August 28, 2011

your perfect family.

so we found out yesterday that baby 4 is a GIRL!!! :)

pics posted:

since then, the comments on wanting a girl have been super interesting. its fascinating to see how people's own views of a "perfect" family are projected on others.

the minute i found out i was pregnant, i wanted another girl. i told my mom a couple of weeks ago that if they said boy, id have that few mins of "oh. hmm." and would need a pick me up. that boys are loud and rough. and that when i go to the chickfila play area, i pray that i'd have a boy different than all other boys. she reminded me about babygap boys clothes and i felt a bit better lol but not totally convinced.

i looked at aidan and sawyer and saw how they are together. remembering that aidan goes to kindy in 2012 and sawyer the year after, how i would love a sister still at the house for reese. swoon. and aidan, ohhhh aidan. yesterday on the way to the u/s we said "well it could be a brother!!!!" all excited that the option was there for her!! and she actually cried ::dies:: "but i want another sister...." well good. God knew :)

i smiled when moms of boys said "you neeeeeed a boy. nothing is like a momma's boy!!" but inside, i knew our house. i know are dynamics. i know we love putting on princess dresses and painting nails (which, of course, a boy could do if he wanted, but from what friends say -- most arent in the mood for that lol) i have 2 friends who are pregnant with their 4th girl and people have actually said *condolences* to them. like "oh man im sorry....". wtf. its insane what comes out of people's mouths sometimes.

when we heard girl yesterday, EJ had that minute of "oh. hmm." by the time we got in the car, we were making jokes and chatting about it and by yesterday afternoon, he was just as excited as me. its okay to be slightly disappointed. i know he thought just maybe, itd be a boy :) but God knows what our family is supposed to be.

ive always said, if i had 3 boys, i would craaaave a girl for the 4th. hell - if i had ONE boy only, id think id want a girl. but now i wonder if thats true. i have friends with boys and they have no interest for a girl, really. i think thats insane - how could you not want a GIRL!? but thats how they look at us and boys :) that reminds me how different everyone is.

we have 4 kids bc we want them. if we were TRYING for a gender, i would have done things to actually try for one or the other lol - like chart, or temp, and have sex on O day only instead of all of the days leading up. there are "methods" for boy and girl making and you'd think if a boy was on our mind we would have, oh, thought about trying those things for fun? lol

4 kids isnt the measure of how many it took to try to get a certain gender. a perfect family is not always a mix. a complete family is different for everyone. this is my family - what i had prayed for. what i had hoped for. there's no reason to believe otherwise. i said up above that EJ had that pang of disappointment ::shrug:: why wouldnt i say the same thing about myself if it were true? haha

so get ready, my friends, for this girl house. ive been reminded that ill need a few more closets and bathrooms, and a lot more patience as they get older ;) we'll see. either way. im excited for whats to come.


  1. I can't believe that people would give condolences. That's completely irrational. Dh wanted a boy, really really bad. But we have 2 girls & we are done. If we ever were to adopt, it would probably be a boy. I'm so excited that they are going to have a sisterly bond. I know boys/girls have bonds too, but it's just, different. I'm so excited for you!

  2. Congratulations on your perfect family! You're a tough girl, Amanda, so I have no doubt you'll find a way to let any misguided comments roll off.

  3. I didn't want a boy until I got one. And Thank Jesus I got the boy I did too. He's out going but not needy.
    Can I just say that i am simply giddy that you are having another girl :)

  4. You've got raising little girls down... no need for a boy to mess it up! ;)

    I thought I wanted girls but you're right, God knows what our families are supposed to be. I've got my 2 boys and am over the moon in love with those two. I've got boys down... I don't even know if I want and/or could handle a girl anymore! lol I thought I'd go crazy if we ever had a 3rd boy but now I think that would make me the most sane. :)

  5. Aw, I love how you stand up for your family and you have the perfect family for you- how awesome and special! People need to learn to think before they speak...

  6. Congrats! I went back and forth when I was pregnant with my son. I have 3 brothers so I thought it would be great for Emilee to have a sister. I love having one of each, mainly because we're done having kids and I know my husband loves having a little buddy. I giggled at the nail polish part, my son LOVES nail polish. I will paint his nails when he asks and DH just gives me a WTF look but leaves it lol.

  7. yay for girls!!! i have 3 and couldn't imagine it any other way. great post and congratulations to you, hubby, and all the big sisters :))))