Friday, November 19, 2010

day 1.

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

alright. here goes. my name is amanda. no one calls me mandy. i'd kill them if they did. the only person who could do that was my grandpa - while singing "mandy" from white christmas and playing it on the piano at the same time. <3 im 27 and have 3 kids and a hubby. my facebook statuses usually include one of these words: gym, target, naptime, wine, or twitch. here's me. aidan took this pic. kids and camera1

here's me again.

i obvs took this pic.

date night2

and now 15 things about me. this might hurt my brain. im just going to write as they come to me... so they may not, um, flow?

1. being a sahm was what i always wanted to do. always. i could have save a lot of money on baylor -- eh mom? ;)

2. im addicted to diet coke. sometimes, if i dont have any here to drink, the inside of my soul craves it. im not kidding.

3. i love school supplies. like chompy clips and highlighters. and fantastically cheap pens that write oh so smooth. and binders. and those little sticky tab things that you put onto pages of books. this made me love studying. like... whoa. not the actual "study" part, but the "re-writing my notes in 1 pen and then highlighting in different colors and then tabbing, clipping, hole punching, and organizing" part.

4. i hate being chased up the stairs. wow. if youre walking behind me, i'll side-eye you the whole way. dont even think about moving your feet a bit faster. you may be throat punched. at the gym sometimes we set up rows of benches and then do things in a line. which, theoretically, means we are being chased for one hour. ;) i almost start to hyperventilate.

5. i have to sleep in a cold room. with a fan on my face. blowing air on me the whole night. not "circulating". not on the ceiling. but floor fan directly blowing on my face. it gives EJ allergies i think.

6. i dont like to eat meat off the bones. (get your mind out of the gutter). like ribs. ::shudder::

7. i have moccasins. ok. theyre slippers, basically. that i wear all winter. LOL even to shoots. i have convinced myself that other people think they are totally shoes. sigh. ok sometimes i wear flip flops in the winter. you can judge me for that, too.

8. i weigh less now than i did when i left college. by at least 20lbs. so whenever anyone posts "omg look at me at 21!!" pics - i dont have that. i mean, it didnt hurt my chances with, um, the boys, so i guess i didnt realize that i needed to lose a few back then. lol

9. i really like mexican food. and pizza. and sushi. i could eat those 3 things every day.

10. i am actually really funny in real life. i dont know if i come across that way online, but in real life i say things that get people laughing. its true. im a regular effin comedian.

11. if i could go back to college again, id be a weather girl. mmmhmmm. and id study tsunamis. except that i am afraid of the deep ocean waters. so maybe that wouldnt work.

12. i like sad books and movies. especially books though. time traveler's wife, anything by kristin hannah, and pretty much any other book that makes you sit in your bed with a box of tissues LITERALLY heaving for the last 100 pages. i love it. so much. for some reason i can relate to the characters so much more if they make me cry. i get angry. i talk about them to EJ like they are real people and he looks at me like im batshit crazy. maybe i should keep those things to myself? lol

13. i had my tonsils out when i was like 11 or 12. i had strep throat like 100 times that school year. ive never had it since. they took my adnoids (sp?) too - and i dont think ive ever had an earache either.

14. i went to texas tech for 1 semester before transferring to baylor. although you cant really call it transferring. that would imply that they used your previous college grades. which baylor didnt. bc i applied for transfer sept 01. thats right. 1 month after i started TTU. so they had to use my HS grades/SAT just like they would have if i went immediately there. so i spent the rest of the semester at TTU just barely passing the course that WOULD transfer and drinking. a lot. and making new friends. and traveling to see my (then) boyf in austin.

15. EJ and i met bc we worked at the same bar. he was a bartender and i was a cocktail waitress. he had a gf (ish) but i told him to kiss me in the bar's elevator at 1am. he said we'll see. at 1am he grabbed the elevator keys and that was that. we both tied up loose ends, moved in with each other (well, he moved in with me bc he needed to, then found another place, then i moved in there. it was dumb lol), and the rest is history.

ETA: oops. i seem to need some corrections and explanations.

a) i was 9 when i had my tonsils out. lol thanks mom!

b) so. i forgot to explain. i went to TTU because, well, everyone else was. I only applied there and TCU and got into both. hindsight, i should have gone to TCU. i would have loved it. i know i would have. but "omg it was so close to home!!" (yeah - about as far as baylor). i had not even seen texas tech before i went there for orientation summer 01 and basically was in tears when i got off the plane and saw what lubbock was. flat. dry. and stinks like poop. now, let it be known that i ADORED my time at tech after i started. but i didnt like it at first. i went through rush and then dropped out, i missed my boyf (eyeroll), and my family was a plane flight (or 6 hr dr) away. things happen for a reason. so im very glad i ended up at baylor. :)

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  1. this was fun!! I lol'ed a few times. My sis went to tech and also transferred after one semester of drinking and debauchery. lol.