Saturday, November 27, 2010

day 8.

Day 8-A place you've traveled to

lets see.

honduras. roatan to be exact. it could be my favorite place ive been to so far. but it didnt start that way.

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EJ and i were on a cruise in march 2008. we stop in honduras and everything takes damn cash. we know this, but still we forget and get off the boat without hitting the atm. its likely we lost all of our cash the night before at the casino on the boat. but i cant be sure.

so our on-island taxi driver takes us to the most beautiful beach there. we get out, he'll meet us in like 6 hrs, we need however much in cash. um. okay. the resort closest to this beach is fresh out of money. oh really?

so we take a water taxi to another part of the island with, likely, another atm. the water taxi driver tells us where the atm is, we thank him and say "wait here. we'll pay you for it" he does, and we head off. i tell EJ im going to shop in this little store for gifts. he says he'll BRB.

um. but he didnt BRB. i walked around that street for hours. okay. im lying. it was prob 30 mins. but since we dont have "world phones" we couldnt call e/o.

so i start up towards where the atm was supposed to be. nothing. i mean, an atm is there, but its obvs broken and EJ is no where to be seen. i walk around, smile at native hondurans, and cry on the street. pacing. i find an american that looks like he was likely on the boat and i just stand by him.

JUST STAND THERE. how awkward.

then i start to think... so, if i dont find EJ, do i get back on the boat? do i stay here in roatan? how do we get home? do i file a police report here? should i finish the cruise?

haha okay maybe not the last one.

FINALLY EJ strolls up with our water taxi guy. who had walked him 10 mins out of the way to another atm. i want to punch him in the throat. both of them.

we go back to the other part of the island and have the best time ever. i drink so many ritas that i puke in the ocean after snorkeling, we eat delish food, buy fun crap, and just have a ball. im not kidding when i say that we picked up realty paperwork on our way back to the boat. we'd move there in 2 seconds flat.

oh, and EJ still has about $110 honduran dollars (thats like 1 billion american. ok. like $19) in his wallet. he just showed me. im not kidding. we are ballers.


  1. That sounds like fun! Well, not the getting lost part/not being able to have money, lol, but the other stuff.

    Question though - 3/08; wouldn't you have been five months pg w/ S? How'd you drink so much you puked? :P

  2. Hahahah yes 3/09 sounds slightly more correct. Oops!