Friday, February 25, 2011

day 13.

Day 13-Goals

hmmmm ok ive put writing on this blog off bc i was trying to *think* of how i wanted to answer this.


okay. well, what kind?


i want to stay happy. my goal is be married to EJ until im old and decrypted. and then for a bit longer ;) and to be giggly in love for every min of that.

i want my kids to grow up knowing that they truly are the (corny) light of our lives. that we love them to the moon and back. and that they can do most anything they'd like and we'll have their back. that they can talk to us about anything. that they are beautiful in every single way you can use the word.

i want my parents to know they are cherished. and that we are appreciative of everything that they do -- above and beyond the normal parents/grandparents requirements ;)


this one is hard bc although i love doing photography - my goals are dependent on my real job -- stay at home mom.

so lets just say that it all goes as planned, mmkay? id love to buy an old historic home in downtown mckinney and use it as my studio. fill it with canvas prints from wall to wall and make it my photo cove :)

id like to rev things up when all my kids are in elem school. but even then, if life makes it where i need to keep things the same, slow biz down, or whatever, then so be it :)


i need a cruise in the next year.

i want to take the girls to the beach this summer.

hmmmm i want to try to start yoga. weird, right? but i think i need to change my routine a bit. we'll see.

this whole entry was hard for me. i just live differently, i guess? i mean everything is "thats cool!" with me in life. i dont make too many "OMG THATS MY GOAL" goals bc i just live every day as it comes. ::shrug::

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