Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a little mom.

tonight aidan wanted to help me do the dishes. after i filled up the dishwasher, i still had a few things leftover so she said she'd do them (giggle. its like her favorite thing to do).

but the funny part is the things she says from that chair.

"you guys doing alright in there?" or "everybody okay?" to us in the living room

"daddy! did you hear sawyer peed on the potty at school today?!"


kitchen cleaning2

its her sweet nature.

she's the first one to day "are you alright? are you hurt?" or to ask if you need a bandaid.

she's the sister who, if sawyer is crying, will say "do you want me to make you cozy?" and then hold her in a blanket and sing our "i love you" song.

she puts her baby dolls down for naps. she hears when they cry (lol).

she'll just come over and kiss you for no reason and say that she loves you.

today in the car, sawyer spilled something all over her and so i took the cup away until we could get to "non-movement" again. sawyer cried.

aidan: be nice to my sister, mom.
me: i know - sorry aidan, but she cant have the cup back until we arent moving. that way she wont spill.
aidan: be nice to my sister.
me: haha okay. thanks for being so sweet. i love you.
aidan: well. i love my sister. say sorry to sawyer.
***aidan proceeds to sing i love you song to sawyer***


it wasnt even in a bossy tone lol she just wanted to show me what it will be like if someone messes with the skelte sisters. it won't be pretty.

eskimo kisses.


  1. oh heavens that makes my ute hurt its so sweet. I hope my girls like each other when they realize how they are related.lol

  2. oh my word! i hope all of our kiddos are this sweet!! that is just too cute :)

  3. Oh my! She is, really, the cutest in the whole world. aww ♥

  4. Has the I Love You song been posted yet? I want to see this - it's got to be adorable!!

  5. She is the best ever. I don't think kids get any sweeter than that. :)