Tuesday, April 26, 2011

why call it SAHM?

hmmm? when i am never *at home*?

ok, so thats a lie. im at home for at least 3 hrs in the afternoon while they are all sleeping (yes you read that right - dont be too jeals.)


i wake up, get ready. that takes all of 5 mins bc i basically wear gym clothes every morning.

then i go get the girls. i get aidan, grab some clothes for her. then do the same for sawyer. then we all go to reese's room and get dressed. this is a great idea of mine. except for the fact that then that means 3 children's PJs are now on the floor of her room. which is annoying. bc i forget about it and then have a mound of PJs more to wash when i only think that i have the basket thats in the main area. blah.

we go down, eat breakfast, do hair ::twitch:: and then get shoes on and out the door. all the while this is happening, i am making lunches for school (MTR). now, i know very well i should do this the night before. but i dont. so suck it.

then we get in the car and go. we always are on the go.

Mon - A at school, S and R at the gym with me. then we usually head to lunch with my parents.

Tues - A and S at school, R and i go to the gym or run errands. today, i ran R over to hang with my parents while A skipped school and went to the dentist (which is another post in itself). OR on tuesdays, i try to plan my newborn shoots while reese is napping. that works out. sometimes.

Wed - no school - all go to the gym. we can be "lazier" on wednesdays lol sometimes then lunch out at CFA or with my parents if we didnt go monday.

Thurs - A and S at school. R and i at the gym.

Fri - no school - we either go to the gym or have playdates on fridays.

then we come home and take naps. and i edit. or putz. or do the laundry that is left in reese's room lol OR i do the dishes. or something.

but thats the only part of the day we "stay at home". when they are up, EJ is almost home from work (or home on late nap days) and so im done! haha

maybe its just us - we have to leave. we cant sit in the house all morning. when i get A and S up for the day, they immediately ask "where we going today?" bc they neeeed to do something.

anyway. thats my post for the day LOL

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  1. sounds like fun!! ps i voted for you :)

  2. Though it sounds like you are keeping busy, it also seems like the kids would be bored - gym, errands, lunch? Mine would never go for that, lol! I could have written this post but it would read playground, playground, playground - or something else that kids love to do but take time away from things that I should actually be doing! Some days I think, I should really be doing _____, but then I remember they are only little for so long. My oldest is going to be 4 on Sunday and she is going to be in Kindergarten FULL DAYS the year after next. At that point, my middle child will be in PS 2 mornings and my little one (who is not yet born) will be 14 months - I guess I'll get stuff done then!!! I agree though, I would die of boredom if I were home all the time!

  3. haha you'd think so - but several of their friends from school are at the gym with them ;) and other kids from other classes. they wake up in the morns and want to go bc they get to see their friends. plus, the gym has a playground outside, indoor tunnel tubes, a court for basketball, computers, a big tv that plays movies if they are tired, and separate areas for babies so dd3 wouldnt get trampled. so all in all, they get that same time, they just do it WHILE im doing something productive for myself.

    sometimes (ugh when its not RAINING all the damn time) we go to the park in the afternoon, after naps. but they are really content playing in the backyard or in the gameroom with each other during that time. A and S are super close so as for now, they dont mind it. going and running errands, like going to target, is something they ask for, too. on monday (just S and R with me), dd2 was like "we go to target?" lol they are strange.

    my oldest will go to full day kindy the year after next, too (2012). that same year, dd2 will be in 4 day and dd3 will be in 2 day preschool (4 and 2.5).

    but, this has been our routine forever. so theyve always done things like this.

  4. i wanted to add, i couldnt live my life living only for my children's activities. if i have things to do, then i do it - things that are important to me dont go to the wayside bc i think "oh, maybe theyd like the park more every day!" i deserve adult time, as a mom, as well.

    i also have very well behaved children when we go out, imo - and i think thats bc they are used to it. we are a super tight family and try to make things fun no matter where we go.

  5. My DD always goes with me to do my "adult' things. She's never bored. We do the playground occasionally, but most of the time, she hangs out with me and my parents, we do lunch, errands, and etc. It's so funny. She enjoys doing that stuff too! She is only going to be little once, but I also know that she needs to be able to function in an adult world, and not only think "me me me." KWIM?

  6. I put the "H" in sahm... we are always home. lol

  7. I was just making an observation. I guess I didn't explain very well. Just to be clear, I wasn't saying there is anything wrong with the gym and errands and whatever. Let me try to elaborate...

    I, too, go to the gym (and I am a pretty serious runner when I'm not PG) but it is truly the only "me" time I get and I don't want to be interrupted to take a kid to the potty or help them with whatever they need. That is the policy at gym daycares around here and it sucks. It sounds like yours is much better and you can actually get a good workout in. Yay for you!

    Also, I really don't feel that I "live my life for my kids' activities." We do what has to be done, we just don't make a day of it. My refrigerator has food in it. My laundry is done. My house is clean. We hit the grocery store and we're done. It takes an hour. The morning is pretty long - especially since my kids are up by 630am! DD #1 doesn't nap anymore but we are home for lunch by 12 (unless we pack it and have a picnic) or home for nap by 1pm, at the latest. That means we have 5-6 1/2 hours to do stuff before nap - a trip to the playground isn't that hard to fit in!

    My children are extremely well-behaved. I have no issue taking them to stores and on other errands, but I know their limits (and my own, lol)! I don't want to spend the day in Target so I doubt they would either. I am not a mall person so I don't drag the kids there either. We bike, we walk, we go to the zoo, we go to the beach, we play, we have fun. If we don't want to do anything we stay home - we have a swingset, a sandbox, a big playroom filled with toys and the girls play at home. I don't stimulate them every minute of every day b/c I don't think it is necessary, but I do like to be nearby so I can eavesdrop on their conversations with each other (which are incredibly cute, btw!). I like our life and so do they.

    P.S. I post here all the time, I just can't remember my password but I'm jillybean (I am not trying to remain anonymous, lol)!

  8. haha oh i understand. we just have diff schedules. my kids dont get up til 8am (later some days) so we have about 3-4 hrs til nap on non-school days so gym, store, lunch is aabbbouuuut it LOL i have many days where i plan things and we simply cant fit it in bc they arent up and out for that long. i want to take them out to a new photo location and play at the park this evening, but since its almost 3 and they just went down for naps at 2:30 (school day) - i doubt i will LOL

    but i get what youre saying - after an hr to the store and an hr at the gym, if i had 2-3 more hours, id sure as heck be at the park!!

    ::waves:: hi jillybean :)

  9. i think it is easier for me b/c only my oldest is in school and it is only 2 mornings/week for 3 hours AND my youngest is still in the belly :) the girls could not get along better so 4 and 2.5 seems like a walk in the park...a very slow walk, stopping to admire every flower, leaf, and stick!!!!

  10. well i understand that! if i only had A and S and wasnt watching a baby - itd be easier. it was harder when R was littler bc so was sawyer... and so she had to be looked after on the playground stuff since she's a daredevil LOL now its not so bad bc she's older, but reese is also at that awkward age of "where do i put her"