Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day 14.

Day 14-A picture you love

um. ok. im not gonna lie that this post is sort of ridiculous for me.

i have an entire other blog (TYL blog at top) dedicated to my favorite daily photos. so...

but instead, i'll play a game with it. my flickr has 422 pages. with 18 photos on each page.

so i'll do a random one.

page... um... 39? LOL #6. ok let me go grab it (youre just going to have to believe me that i randomly picked numbers).

bathtub time7

ok thats a boring one. lets try again.

page 52 #12.

ok one more for good measure. lets go OLD? page 312 #8

haha okay that was march 4, 2010. eeek.

lets do another oldie. page 258.... #17
bubble edit4

ok - youre turn. pick a random page and number :) i'll add it!

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  1. So, Hannah and I are having a lazy morning...and scrolling through your blog. She sees this last photo with the bubbles and SCREAMS "turn that back!!" (so I do) "thats me with my bubbles last night!" LOLOL!!