Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sawyer's hair.

a year ago, this was sawyer.
kitchen hugs1

sawyer barnwood2

sweet, sweet baby. but... not a lot of hair. in august when we found out about her allergies/sensitivities to the MAIN liquid we were giving her (soy) and other things (you can read about it HERE), she started to get those vitamins in her system and grow those curly locks!!

this was the day we let her eat cheese without worrying that she'd smell like a barnyard
sweet sawyer1

but now?! holy hair ::swoon::

a little bedhead :)

brushing it out (cell pic)

sweaty and wet.
14th april1

13th april10

perfectly curly with a clip.
table stripes-11

and today.... drumroll.....



she has also gained at LEAST 5-6lbs since last late summer :) YAY!!


eta: i should probably note that 1. that stripey hoodie is her fave shirt. and 2. that tan/greenish dress is her fave dress. so dont fear if you seem them often LOL

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