Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i am truly blessed to have 3 girls. i, myself, only have 2 brothers. i never had that "sister relationship" that some girls talk about.

i know that it consists, later, of fighting over clothes, slamming doors, possible hair pulling, etc but for now....

the girls were taking a nap. sawyer starts crying so I grab some diapers to go grab them all and play in the gameroom. a few seconds after sawyer wakes up in tears, aidan yells from her room "its okay sawyer!!"

by then im up the stairs and grab aidan and head to sawyer's room. sawyer gets out of bed and tells aidan: "i need you. i need my sister"


i about melt. aidan gives her a hug and sawyer continues: "i missed you aidan. i need a kiss." aidan kisses her and we grab reese and run off to the gameroom.

they may make each other nuts sometimes, but man.... hearing them talk to each other that way makes my heart pitter patter every time.

sundress park8


  1. That story brings a tear to my eye, and that picture should be on the front of a Hallmark card. Sweet, beautiful girls. :)

  2. awwww it melts my heart <3333
    aidan is such GREAT a big sister :) how cute!

  3. Such a sweet story. Love the picture too -- I love that their dresses are different but still go together so well I only had one brother -- and as much as I would love to have one of each {I'm only planning two... right now} -- I would love for my little to have a sister. :)

  4. sisters are so sweet. my girls get along amazingly well - they have no choice, they are always together :) but it can go both ways - my two oldest nieces (ages 4 and almost 3) can't stand each other! i am so excited to be adding a 3rd daughter to the mix. i'm sure that the teenage years are going to be, um, interesting, but i'll happily take all the sweetness for now :)

  5. thanks guys <3

    and jill, no joke - teen years ::twitch:: i'll enjoy it for now LOL

  6. wonderful pictures here!!
    You are really inspiring!!!