Thursday, August 12, 2010

daddy at work.

aidan and sawyer have learned "daddy at work" during the week. sometimes they ask in the morning. sometimes sawyer asks "where's daddy?" and aidan tells her "he at work", etc.

aidan has asked "why he go to work?" to which i reply "he has to make us monies!" she asks why and i tell list off things she likes - "for chikfila and target. and pet shops!"

so today at the store i was listening to aidan and sawyer chat. i mentioned i should find my phone bc "daddy might call". sawyer says "daddy at work" and aidan says "yeah, he has to get us monies. he does this..." and then she makes a hand motion of picking things up. as if she really thinks that he leaves the house, drives to "work", and then picks up money from somewhere all day. LOL

i said "wait. babe. do you think he PICKS UP money all day?" she said yes. i giggled and thought - wow, what a job that would be!

at the same time i remembered those birthday parties at skating rinks when youre like, oh, 10? maybe? where you were put in the money box thing where it blew dollar bills around hahaha

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  1. LOL oh what a fun day that would be to pick up the monies all day long. :)