Friday, August 6, 2010

sigh. another day.

im gonna go ahead and say this to be true - if your day starts with poop, it will end poopy.

this morning, i collected all of sawyer's poop samples and packed them into the car to run it to the pedi's office. which, by the way, is not super close. its not a big deal usually bc i only take them there for well-checks. but running over there to run in for 3 seconds is annoying.

then we went to target. this part of my day was actually FANTASTIC. they were all so good. they were in the BIG cart, A and S sat in the 2 seats at the front and R was in the bucket. all went smoothly, we got out with only having to hush them with goldfish. overall = win.

we ate lunch. i put them down for naps. i putzed.

then i decided to go pick up some prints from costco. if youre wondering "why costco" it was a test. lol i had heard they were "okay" for prints, but they are actually really good. i was shocked. considering you get them next day.

well - not that i actually TOOK my prints home... let me back up. we get in the car after naps and go to sonic happy hour :) then we head to costco. its about 3ish? or so and so for a friday - traffic is picking up bc people leave work early. anyway, its 105* out and i want to die. we search for a parking spot for, like 7 mins (whodathunk costco would be that busy), i find a cart and then we go in. i survey my prints, im happy bc, well, they are $2.99 for an 11x14 (and i only need these prints for 1 day in september for their school bazaar thing) and i try to pay.

i only TRIED to pay bc costco only takes cash, check, debit, or amex. ok, so no credit? wtf? i dont know my PIN number, dont carry cash, and checks? huh? so i have to LEAVE THEM THERE and come back tomorrow. kill me.

so then we leave. my car still says its 105 out. we drive home as it gets darker and darker and then temp drops to 73 at our house (15 mins). it has stormed. annnnnd it tore up our backyard. GAH!

i call EJ and cry (lol), he says i must be pregnant for being this emotional, we all giggle about that, and then its dinner, bath, bed.

overall, good day? lol it wasn't bad. but i was just cranky. and i needed to vent. i feel better now :)

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