Monday, August 30, 2010

YKYAPW (anniversary edition).

so, as you all know, our 3 year wedding anniversary was wednesday - BUT we had plans for going out on saturday. YAY!!

we got all dolled up (sorta lol)

and headed to Silver Fox for dinner. yummm... we had crabcakes and salads... EJ had the strip, i had salmon, we drank Jordan.. it was delish. one of our fab friends made it even more special (thanks, A!!).

so then we get all hyped up to go out. until we get a call from my mom. aidan's fever (which was present, but not a big deal EARLIER in the day - had now gotten up to 103) so we decided to run her in to the after hours pedi by my parents house.


she had 105 there. and strep. sooooo it was nice to know what it was - bc we were able to start meds that night. she didnt want to go home... wanted to stay at my parents. so she did. :)

we tried to finish off the night with a bang. and i got my newest tattoo (can see on link above!) plus i got a star added to my ankle for reese.

we didnt get home til about, oh, 3am? but it was fun. but let me say - you know youre a parent when....

you have to stop a date night to run to urgent care :)

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