Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i missed this on saturday bc of the busy wkend. but thats okay bc i have one from yesterday.

long story short, sawyer is skinny. 21 lbs at her 2 year appt (less than 1%ile for weight. but still 70%ile for height!). when i talked to the pedi about her poops (a lot and not often solid) we decided to (brace yourself) collect samples from her poop for 3 days and send it off - so we can see if, perhaps, she is simply not absorbing any food/nutrients/etc.

gross, huh? so ive done it twice now. and im just waiting for day three tomo ;)

i feel so bad for my baby though. i knew she was tiny - and we were going to do allergy testing at her appt to see if that was it. but instead will do this test and then LATER we're going to do a food sensitivity test as well. this should fatten her up in no time :)

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