Thursday, August 26, 2010

happy anniversary.

to EJ. :)

so. three years later. phew. its been a busy 3 years i suppose. but every min has been fabulous.

sometimes i think we have a "leg up" on people who have been married a long time and then have kids - all we've ever known (besides the first 8 months or so of dating/drunken/college/craziness times) is kids. maybe thats why 3 doesn't seem so "OMG YOU HAVE THREE KIDS UNDER 4!!" like some people make it out to be - yeah, we do. and its just fabulous.

timeline for those wondering:

met july 05
dating sept 05
living together sept 05
pregnant march 06
found out may 06
had aidan dec 06
engaged feb 07
married aug 07
pregnant with sawyer nov 07
had sawyer july 08
pregnant with m/c baby may 09
m/c july 09
pregnant with reese aug 09
had reese may 10


everything has worked out so beautifully that i thank my lucky stars every day. granted, we have some amazing family members that help us out - and let us keep a semblance of "normal" as best as possible for a 27 and 28 year old couple. we have date nights, vacations sans kids, i can run errands alone if i need to, etc.

but let me say - EJ is my soulmate. yeah, how effin corny, right? but truly - he is my perfect counterpart. if you are a FB friend, you know how well he treats me - i should belong on sometimes for all the nerdy "omg guess what EJ did" statuses i have. but i just adore him. he is handy. he is thoughtful. he is a dork. he is funny. he is just da bomb.

and i mean, lets be honest, he has been 1/2 of the most gorgeous children ever ;) thank heavens he gave them all the hair that he did lol

so i guess i just want to say "thanks, babe". thanks for being the best hubby i could imagine. i love you and i love our family and i couldnt ask for anything more.

p.s. thank you for my Bamboo: FUN for our anniversary. ::drool:: editing pictures is just the bee's knees now!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to know that you're married to your soulmate? I feel the same way about Jon as you do E.J. No complaints here!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. mmhmmmm :) its nice to have a stellar guy lol

  3. You are so lucky, I have two girls and would love another! Its too much fun. It is nice to have snagged a good man huh?

    I was out with a friend today and she mentioned her parents take her son overnight anytime she wants. I was floored! Now I see you have the same luck and I am thinking I need to have a talk with my parents :)

  4. christine, we really are lucky in that regard... we would go crazy without my parents being able to help <3 its a bit more challenging with 3 kids, but when it was just 1 or 2 - i could just drop off and say tootles! lol