Friday, August 27, 2010

things i'm no good at.

i can babble on here and make it look as if "omg! life is so easy! look at me!" but, sigh, i think its time to admit some things.

1. i cant cook. well, i should rephrase that. i don't cook. and here's why - first of all, recipes wig me out. like, here is my internal monolog.


okkkkkk 1 tsp of salt. wait let me make sure it said 1 tsp. yes. okay oh wait - did it say 1 tsp? phew okay... moving on. 2 cups milk. wait how much did it say? 1 cup? no. 2 cups. okay do i mix it now? yes. wait. no. wait. let me read it again.

see how tense that is? gaaah. and i think it breaks my mom's heart a bit. lol she looks up recipes out of boredom, changes them up for fun, cooks something NEW all the time! etc etc... but when she talks about them to me, well, i sort of zone. ;)

also, aidan likes everything cheese. sawyer can't eat dairy. so if i am already going to make 2 meals then i might as well just do that from the beginning. sigh. i think i need to do a julie/julia intervention :) or maybe some sort of challenge? i dunno - you all help me decide.

2. i have a bad mouth. lol especially in the car. i have GOT to be careful/more aware of this, but it really is so hard. i can keep the eff word down to a minimum, but, uh - asshole? stupid ass? shit? sigh. thats what sawyer's language is so, well, colorful. damnit.

3. im a procrastinator. eh... maybe i'll write this entry tomorrow?

kidding. okay. here's the thing. i have STELLAR intentions. truly. i make a list, check it twice, and then... only get to half. well, thats not totally true. i get to it all - eventually. like, i end up spending an ENTIRE day doing everything that i want to do.

but let me say, this procrastination is not all the time. and its nothing that has to do with the house, my photography, the kids or EJ, etc. its just... the other things i think. instead of lazy, lets say i'm "busy" :)

4. i suck at getting ready early in the day. its not my fault. im partly a 50's hausfrau (minus the cooking of course) and like to look CLEAN when EJ comes home. ;) so my poor kids see momma in PJs without makeup all day (if we arent going anywhere).

5. i cant sit. i cant just hang out and watch tv. well, rarely. this summer was totally annoying when i couldnt get up and go to the gym. i need to get energy out lol

and it gives us a schedule as well. i toted the poor girls to the store almost every morning so we could get out of the house. sitting around and hanging out is done in the afternoons after nap. the mornings just... draaaag without a planned event.

ok. im sure there's more. but thats all i can think of now. my procrastination entry has forced me to go pay bills online and get some photo CDs and mailers done :)

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  1. It's your life though Amanda.

    I cook to eat, I am not a chef. My house is cluttered and I drink too much coffee. Those are things I'm okay with. They don't make my life any less perfect anymore than mine is.

    It's not perfect to others, but it sounds like it is perfect to you and those beautiful girls and EJ. That is what matters!