Monday, August 30, 2010

YKYAPW (anniversary edition).

so, as you all know, our 3 year wedding anniversary was wednesday - BUT we had plans for going out on saturday. YAY!!

we got all dolled up (sorta lol)

and headed to Silver Fox for dinner. yummm... we had crabcakes and salads... EJ had the strip, i had salmon, we drank Jordan.. it was delish. one of our fab friends made it even more special (thanks, A!!).

so then we get all hyped up to go out. until we get a call from my mom. aidan's fever (which was present, but not a big deal EARLIER in the day - had now gotten up to 103) so we decided to run her in to the after hours pedi by my parents house.


she had 105 there. and strep. sooooo it was nice to know what it was - bc we were able to start meds that night. she didnt want to go home... wanted to stay at my parents. so she did. :)

we tried to finish off the night with a bang. and i got my newest tattoo (can see on link above!) plus i got a star added to my ankle for reese.

we didnt get home til about, oh, 3am? but it was fun. but let me say - you know youre a parent when....

you have to stop a date night to run to urgent care :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

things i'm no good at.

i can babble on here and make it look as if "omg! life is so easy! look at me!" but, sigh, i think its time to admit some things.

1. i cant cook. well, i should rephrase that. i don't cook. and here's why - first of all, recipes wig me out. like, here is my internal monolog.


okkkkkk 1 tsp of salt. wait let me make sure it said 1 tsp. yes. okay oh wait - did it say 1 tsp? phew okay... moving on. 2 cups milk. wait how much did it say? 1 cup? no. 2 cups. okay do i mix it now? yes. wait. no. wait. let me read it again.

see how tense that is? gaaah. and i think it breaks my mom's heart a bit. lol she looks up recipes out of boredom, changes them up for fun, cooks something NEW all the time! etc etc... but when she talks about them to me, well, i sort of zone. ;)

also, aidan likes everything cheese. sawyer can't eat dairy. so if i am already going to make 2 meals then i might as well just do that from the beginning. sigh. i think i need to do a julie/julia intervention :) or maybe some sort of challenge? i dunno - you all help me decide.

2. i have a bad mouth. lol especially in the car. i have GOT to be careful/more aware of this, but it really is so hard. i can keep the eff word down to a minimum, but, uh - asshole? stupid ass? shit? sigh. thats what sawyer's language is so, well, colorful. damnit.

3. im a procrastinator. eh... maybe i'll write this entry tomorrow?

kidding. okay. here's the thing. i have STELLAR intentions. truly. i make a list, check it twice, and then... only get to half. well, thats not totally true. i get to it all - eventually. like, i end up spending an ENTIRE day doing everything that i want to do.

but let me say, this procrastination is not all the time. and its nothing that has to do with the house, my photography, the kids or EJ, etc. its just... the other things i think. instead of lazy, lets say i'm "busy" :)

4. i suck at getting ready early in the day. its not my fault. im partly a 50's hausfrau (minus the cooking of course) and like to look CLEAN when EJ comes home. ;) so my poor kids see momma in PJs without makeup all day (if we arent going anywhere).

5. i cant sit. i cant just hang out and watch tv. well, rarely. this summer was totally annoying when i couldnt get up and go to the gym. i need to get energy out lol

and it gives us a schedule as well. i toted the poor girls to the store almost every morning so we could get out of the house. sitting around and hanging out is done in the afternoons after nap. the mornings just... draaaag without a planned event.

ok. im sure there's more. but thats all i can think of now. my procrastination entry has forced me to go pay bills online and get some photo CDs and mailers done :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

happy anniversary.

to EJ. :)

so. three years later. phew. its been a busy 3 years i suppose. but every min has been fabulous.

sometimes i think we have a "leg up" on people who have been married a long time and then have kids - all we've ever known (besides the first 8 months or so of dating/drunken/college/craziness times) is kids. maybe thats why 3 doesn't seem so "OMG YOU HAVE THREE KIDS UNDER 4!!" like some people make it out to be - yeah, we do. and its just fabulous.

timeline for those wondering:

met july 05
dating sept 05
living together sept 05
pregnant march 06
found out may 06
had aidan dec 06
engaged feb 07
married aug 07
pregnant with sawyer nov 07
had sawyer july 08
pregnant with m/c baby may 09
m/c july 09
pregnant with reese aug 09
had reese may 10


everything has worked out so beautifully that i thank my lucky stars every day. granted, we have some amazing family members that help us out - and let us keep a semblance of "normal" as best as possible for a 27 and 28 year old couple. we have date nights, vacations sans kids, i can run errands alone if i need to, etc.

but let me say - EJ is my soulmate. yeah, how effin corny, right? but truly - he is my perfect counterpart. if you are a FB friend, you know how well he treats me - i should belong on sometimes for all the nerdy "omg guess what EJ did" statuses i have. but i just adore him. he is handy. he is thoughtful. he is a dork. he is funny. he is just da bomb.

and i mean, lets be honest, he has been 1/2 of the most gorgeous children ever ;) thank heavens he gave them all the hair that he did lol

so i guess i just want to say "thanks, babe". thanks for being the best hubby i could imagine. i love you and i love our family and i couldnt ask for anything more.

p.s. thank you for my Bamboo: FUN for our anniversary. ::drool:: editing pictures is just the bee's knees now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

quote of the month.

in the car this morning.

me: daddy took his motorcycle to work.

aidan: he go to work? at the office?

me: yep. he is a stud-muffin.

aidan: yeah, i think he's a stud-donut.

i died from laughing so hard.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

daddy at work.

aidan and sawyer have learned "daddy at work" during the week. sometimes they ask in the morning. sometimes sawyer asks "where's daddy?" and aidan tells her "he at work", etc.

aidan has asked "why he go to work?" to which i reply "he has to make us monies!" she asks why and i tell list off things she likes - "for chikfila and target. and pet shops!"

so today at the store i was listening to aidan and sawyer chat. i mentioned i should find my phone bc "daddy might call". sawyer says "daddy at work" and aidan says "yeah, he has to get us monies. he does this..." and then she makes a hand motion of picking things up. as if she really thinks that he leaves the house, drives to "work", and then picks up money from somewhere all day. LOL

i said "wait. babe. do you think he PICKS UP money all day?" she said yes. i giggled and thought - wow, what a job that would be!

at the same time i remembered those birthday parties at skating rinks when youre like, oh, 10? maybe? where you were put in the money box thing where it blew dollar bills around hahaha

Monday, August 9, 2010


you know youre a parent when your preschooler says "i brush my teeth. you wanna smell my breath?"

lol not particularly, kid. but okay.

Friday, August 6, 2010

sigh. another day.

im gonna go ahead and say this to be true - if your day starts with poop, it will end poopy.

this morning, i collected all of sawyer's poop samples and packed them into the car to run it to the pedi's office. which, by the way, is not super close. its not a big deal usually bc i only take them there for well-checks. but running over there to run in for 3 seconds is annoying.

then we went to target. this part of my day was actually FANTASTIC. they were all so good. they were in the BIG cart, A and S sat in the 2 seats at the front and R was in the bucket. all went smoothly, we got out with only having to hush them with goldfish. overall = win.

we ate lunch. i put them down for naps. i putzed.

then i decided to go pick up some prints from costco. if youre wondering "why costco" it was a test. lol i had heard they were "okay" for prints, but they are actually really good. i was shocked. considering you get them next day.

well - not that i actually TOOK my prints home... let me back up. we get in the car after naps and go to sonic happy hour :) then we head to costco. its about 3ish? or so and so for a friday - traffic is picking up bc people leave work early. anyway, its 105* out and i want to die. we search for a parking spot for, like 7 mins (whodathunk costco would be that busy), i find a cart and then we go in. i survey my prints, im happy bc, well, they are $2.99 for an 11x14 (and i only need these prints for 1 day in september for their school bazaar thing) and i try to pay.

i only TRIED to pay bc costco only takes cash, check, debit, or amex. ok, so no credit? wtf? i dont know my PIN number, dont carry cash, and checks? huh? so i have to LEAVE THEM THERE and come back tomorrow. kill me.

so then we leave. my car still says its 105 out. we drive home as it gets darker and darker and then temp drops to 73 at our house (15 mins). it has stormed. annnnnd it tore up our backyard. GAH!

i call EJ and cry (lol), he says i must be pregnant for being this emotional, we all giggle about that, and then its dinner, bath, bed.

overall, good day? lol it wasn't bad. but i was just cranky. and i needed to vent. i feel better now :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

aidan's party.

since sawyer just had her bday party - aidan's waiting for hers. in december. sigh.

(in her room after nap)

me: hey we gotta go downstairs. i need a shower.

aidan: what are we doing?

me: huh? i need a shower babe!

aidan: you thinking about my paaaaaarty?

me: haha no! its not for a long time!

aidan: but i NEED IT!!

by the way, as of now, its a princess party. and all the girls have to wear dresses, she says. prepare yourself.


i missed this on saturday bc of the busy wkend. but thats okay bc i have one from yesterday.

long story short, sawyer is skinny. 21 lbs at her 2 year appt (less than 1%ile for weight. but still 70%ile for height!). when i talked to the pedi about her poops (a lot and not often solid) we decided to (brace yourself) collect samples from her poop for 3 days and send it off - so we can see if, perhaps, she is simply not absorbing any food/nutrients/etc.

gross, huh? so ive done it twice now. and im just waiting for day three tomo ;)

i feel so bad for my baby though. i knew she was tiny - and we were going to do allergy testing at her appt to see if that was it. but instead will do this test and then LATER we're going to do a food sensitivity test as well. this should fatten her up in no time :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

birthday parties.


we always have bday parties for the kids. always. for a few reasons.

1. we dont have a lot of friends with kids so its a reason for all of us to get together and have a great time.

2. the kids LOVE our friends and vice versa. so having them all there in one place at one time is phenomenal.

3. good food and good drinks. yep.

so sawyer and EJ's combo bday party was sunday. so much fun. we DID, actually, have kids there this time - some cousins, aidan's best friend, etc - so that was nice :) my parents and brother/sil were there. we had a nice baby station set up for reese and rylan (my new niece) lol

and we had yummies.

our snackies included (not all made by me. no way lol my mom and friends brought lots of stuff):

7 layer dip
buffalo chicken dip
mini-philly things
cream cheese/olive dip
little weenie pigs in a blanket things
sliders with all the "stuff"
lots of wine
and all the sodas, chips, pretzels, etc.

yep. divine. my diet of the past 2 days has consisted of the extras. and thats okay by me. you can go to my other blog to check out some pics :)