Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 kids. 3.5 years.

i decided im starting an actual blahg, blog. like, one with words instead of pictures. part of the reason is bc when im on mom message boards, i get sick and tired of typing out the same thing over and over again. so, its like a quick reference guide for that.

the other reason is because now, starting with the birth of #3, i sort of want to chronicle the differences in how i parented all 3. lol i mean, what i didnt do, what i did/didnt need, as well as the funny things that happen along the way.

this blog may end up a huge fail. i may stop in a few days, but i doubt it - or rather, i hope not. i feel like im missing a huge part by not writing down the funny things they say, the every day banter, and i'd also like to remember "what did i do in that situation?". so here's where i'll put it.

i should start off by introducing myself and my family. most people reading this will know me as amanda or, possibly, punkfiction. lol i'm a (just turned) 27 year old mom of 3.
reese NB18

my husband, EJ, and i have been married for 3 years this coming august - so yes, life has been busy. and i have loved [almost] every min of it ;)

(excuse his horrible "didnt do it bc we were up at 5am to go to the hospital" hair)
reese NB16

he is my best friend and we complement each other in the most amazing ways. i am more than just lucky to have such an amazing husband and fabulous relationship.

our oldest daughter, aidan, is 3.5.

brown fleece8

she is my heart. she wears her emotions on her sleeve and is sensitive and caring. she holds your hand when you look sad. she rubs your head if youre sick. i remember she happened to be at the u/s that confirmed our m/c last summer - not even knowing what was going on, she came up to the table i was laying on, held my hand, and said "its okay momma". love.

she is obstinate and vocal. she remembers EVERYTHING. she says the funniest things in the world. she plays on her laptop and tells me "i checking my facebook momma" and asks me every morning "what we doing today?" (if i cant think of anything, like a girl after my own heart, she recommends starbucks and target). she is my oldest. she will always have that special "buddy" place in my heart - to be shared by others, but never replaced.

our middle daughter, sawyer, is almost 23 months old.

5.29 bubbles16

she is my soul. she is our comedian and i never would have thought it. starting off as the baby who would look at you like "wtf" when you waved at her, her nickname of "the judger" is still intact as well. she has no problem letting you know with her many disapproving faces that she is unimpressed with something. but not food, she, at 25% weight or so (but tall) has a never-ending black hole for a stomach. its actually fascinating to see. she has a word for everything and is the biggest copy-cat of all time. and with most toddlers, you say it once, she remembers and has found a new word/phrase.

she is my toughie. never needing a bandaid (unlike aidan who wears them bc she feeeeels hurt lol) and rarely needing a comforting hug after a nasty fall. she will jump/fall from anything. no fear. just like her daddy. but, sawyer does not lack emotion or heart. instead of "up" she says "hug you..." when she wants you to pick her up. she will sit in your lap with her "bankie! and paci!!" for a long time. she will holler after everyone else goes to bed just to come down and spend 15-20 mins with EJ and i alone - and we are more than happy to oblige. she's a cuddler who will take a break to get up and steal aidan's toy. she purposely does things to annoy her older sister and you cant do anything but giggle at her genius schemes. middle child syndrome she lacks. personality she does not.

our youngest daughter, reese, is 1 month old tomorrow.

new background3

soon i will write a longer entry about her - as we get to know her better, but i'll tell you want i *do* know. i know she is gorgeous and perfect in every way. i know she loves to cuddle. and i know she thinks our bed is the bee's knees. lol :) i know she likes to sleep (haha for now?) and i know she'd rather be left alone to do so as she eyes you and gets slightly annoyed to be held while the other 2 want to point out her nose or give her sweet, sweet kisses. i also know that i love her. your heart grows with the more children you have - thats for sure.

a parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided. ~robert brault

as i get to know her more, i have a few educated guess about what i may see: that she will have quite a personality, that she and her sisters will be friends and enemies all in the same breath, but that they will love each other beyond what i can even comprehend. i dont know if reese will be like the other 2 or exactly opposite, but i cannot wait to find out.

all in bed4

so there you go. we have all been introduced. now im off to figure out what topics i will write about first. all while i make sure i use this blog for a diary (of words, not pics. i already have that HERE.) for things my children do - the good, the bad, and how i handle it all as a stay at home mom of 3 under 4.

let me know if there's anything specific you think would be good to add.


  1. I love your other blogs and enjoyed reading this one! I don't know how you have the time to take such great pictures and blog about them with 3 kids! I can hardly keep up with my one blog and I only have one kid! You are an inspiration, and I love to read your stories!

  2. Look forward to reading about your adventures! Your girls are gorgeous!

  3. I love that you're doing this now... I always wondered what went on in your head hahaha... those girlies are adorable, I say keep 'em coming!

    (Ally3411 from the bump)