Friday, June 25, 2010

52 pick up.

ahhh how often do people complain about their husbands doing no housework, how hard it is to have kids and do housework, or brag about how little they do or don't do?

often. like, all the time.

so i figured id take this time while EJ went out to the movies with a buddy and the house is asleep to write out how we split duties in our house.

laundry: that is all me. EJ will switch it out if i ask him, but i do it all day. my washer and dryer are running every day. but i just dump the clean clothes i do for the day on the bed and we BOTH put it away quickly before bedtime. thats the worst part anyway, right? i do put away all the girls laundry though. i keep it in a basket in our room til the basket is full - then take it all upstairs one day during naptime, sort it out, and put it away as each kid wakes up. i effin hate little hangars, btw.

dishes: me 80% of the time. i do it in the afternoon while the kids are asleep. but if i dont feel like it (or have too many and feel like ack!!) then EJ will do it that night no problem.

vacuuming and/or steam cleaning
: EJ. i will vac only if he isn't home and someone is coming over. EJ is much more... thorough. i run over it all so quickly that it never looks as good. he doesn't mind it though - and usually takes it upon himself to do it. and the only time i steam clean is if someone puked on the ground (oh, like last week) and EJ isn't home.

mopping: i do this during the week when the kids sleep. i used to do it when they were awake, but alas, they kept trying to slip and slide on the wet floor. that ended in accidents and tears quickly. lol

all around cleaning: we do this together on the wkends. we call it 52 pick up. we pick and room during naptime (or even if they are awake), pick a kid to help, and GO. he usually does the kitchen and our bedroom/bathroom (downstairs) and i will do the girls rooms, the gameroom, and the bathroom upstairs. it really takes no time at all when we split it up this way. and we feel 100x cleaner and the house looks great.

outside chores: EJ 100%. i would probably laugh if he asked me to mow, edge, weed, etc - but he wouldn't. he takes pride in his yard lol and knows that would be a (hot and sweaty) "no way" from me.

daily extras: we always try to straighten up aidan's room before bed since after nap is usually an organized disaster. i pick up any toys downstairs a bunch of times a day. he takes the trash down on trash day - as for daily trash, i take it to the garage and he takes it the rest of the way usually.

bathtime/bedtime: EJ does bath with the girls, i help get them out and dried and put into PJs. he gets bottles or drinks while i do PJs and then we both put aidan and sawyer down together. (reese is still in our room so she is n/a).

grocery shopping: me during the week usually. but we 90% of the time do another trip on the wkends. gets us out of the house and we end up getting things that i forgot on my many trips to target or kroger or wherever mon-friday.

cooking: ugh. i hate cooking. and im bad at it. but i, obviously, do breakfast and lunch (except EJ does breakfast on the wkends usually) and dinner for the girls. EJ is the main dinner cooker though for "real meals" lol its hard bc the girls eat earlier than we do - like 5:30pm. so when EJ gets home, they are eating - so he can eat what they are eating or we figure something out later and just hang with them while they eat. EJ usually grills for us on the wkends though - or if we have friends over during the week.

bills: i pay them all except for cell and one card. EJ does the others on his phone when i ask him to.

i, admittedly, have it pretty good. EJ is fabulous around the house. even more so when im pregnant. :) but that being said, i do try to keep everything in order here while he is at work. im a sahm, which, in my opinion, includes housework. im okay with that :) i live a pretty good life with great benefits haha

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