Monday, June 21, 2010

sick. then better.

aidan puked last night. at about 1:15am. i heard her sort of cry (i was awake bc i just fed reese) and then she burst into tears. i went to her room, she told me "i pukied, momma" and i got EJ. i laughed walking down the stairs thinking, "really? more puke?" he stripped the bed and re-made it while i gave her a bath, gave her meds, and we got her back in bed.

i could see her eyes glass over asking about 1 of her scooze-dogs having to be in the wash.

this morning she had a fever, i gave her more tylenol and she laid around. she nearly lost it when we had to put scooze into the dryer. but she liked when he was all clean. :) she likes to smell fresh laundry (well, she likes to smell anything good really lol) so she was happy.

after nap, i went up to get her.

me: hey did you pukey?
aidan: no. no pukey.
(i check her head)
me: yay no fever!
aidan: yeah. i not sick anymore!
me: wow, im so happy.
aidan: hug!
(hugs all around)
aidan: look at my belly!
(i lift up her shirt)
aidan: my belly is SO happy :) i all better.

of course, she's not ALL better. but i am glad that she hasnt yacked since this early morning.

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