Monday, June 14, 2010

lets go to bed early tonight.

EJ and i wanted to go to bed early last night. sounds like heaven, right? i had gone out with some girlfriends for drinks on saturday night, so i needed sleep. EJ cleaned/organized the kitchen yesterday (it looks awesome) and I tackled the gameroom/their bedrooms. so we were just worn out from the whole day.

at about 7:30pm, i found myself sitting in a pile of puke. on the couch. sawyer walked over to where i was feeding reese, looked at me, and the next thing i knew - im covered in everything she ate yesterday. ew. and let me say, there is no more paralyzing thing than getting puked on. you sit there thinking, "what do i do? i have to get up. should move her. my clothes are covered. omg the smell...." til you finally get up. or, rather, when i called for EJ to help me ;)

she then puked on the rug annnnnnd then again in the kitchen. this was then bath 2 for sawyer.

thank dog we have a steam cleaner. lordy.

we let her relax down stairs for a while. she is dead tired so we put her into bed. all is quiet. i check on her later, no smells, nothing from her room. she sort of wakes up, starts to cry, so i go to get her for a few mins and omg - the smell. she had puked in her bed. EJ brings the bed stuff down, i strip sawyer down. and now its bath 3.

aidan had noticed the commotion. and being the little nurse that she is, she wanted to come down and help. its about 11pm at this point. sigh. she is a sweetie and tells sawyer she loves her (even this morning, she just goes up to sawyer and rubs her head, says "i love you sawyer" and sings her songs) anyway,i now had 3 children in my room. so much for going to bed early?

sawyer continues to puke in our bed on towels. at this point its only bile. but i feel so bad bc its so crappy to throw up. just hurts.

finally - i tell aidan its time for bed and off EJ goes upstairs with her while i lay with sawyer. aidan was totally fine til he shut the door and got down the stairs. then she was livid. i hear the ruckus upstairs and grab her video monitor. she is stomping around grumbling and then... she takes her "jelly fishing net" (thanks spongebob. its just a fish tank net in real life though) and turns her light on. ugh. that wont be in her room anymore.

then i dont see her for about 30 seconds. she walks from the direction of the closet into the view of the camera. she now has on her easter dress. and panties, i assumed, bc i had seen her throw her nighttime diaper in the trash.

in full amanda form, i grab my camera and head upstairs. my deal with her - "put on a diaper and lay down and you can wear your easter dress to bed." perfect. deal done and 1 child down.

asleep in dress

we put sawyer up in bed bc we are certain she had nothing left in her belly. we were wrong. we heard her puke again, and EJ goes to grab her. more laundry. lol

all the while, reese has been sleeping through this in the pack n play in our room. good little 1 month old :)

...until she got hungry. okay. no biggie. so i scoop her up and take her to the couch to feed her. EJ sits with sawyer on the bed and i *hear* sawyer puke from the bedroom. i run in with reese in tow, turn around and let her swing bc i DO NOT want her sick, and help EJ strip the bed and clean up sawyer. again.

i go back to feeding reese and decide that she's gonna have to sleep upstairs tonight in her room. first night ever (bc i am super lazy at night lol). its after 130am? at this point. at least. i really dont remember.

our bed is too high for sawyer to sleep on with us. it comes up to my chest-ish when standing so we make a pallet in the pack n play for sawyer. EJ sleeps on the floor, I sleep on the stripped bed with 1 blanket and we all pass out.

we wake up a few times to gagging noises and throw sawyer up onto a towel and eventually we all go to sleep for good -- well until reese wakes up at 630am to eat. while im feeding reese and EJ jumps in the shower, i hear sawyer throw up AGAIN. i throw her in the shower with EJ, finish feeding reese and eventually put sawyer back up in her own bed.

i am tired. ive already steam cleaned MORE this morning. but sawyer and reese are sleeping right now and aidan is just playing so i wanted to remember how the night went. yawn. 3 kids are fun. exciting. giggly. and there's so much love every day. its rewarding.


but it can be exhausting. and today, as i feel like i did in college after i stayed up all night during finals - while only drinking diet coke, eating cheetos, and smoking cigarettes... im mentally fried. but of course worth it, right? ;)


  1. aww, poor baby girl. you can pat yourself on the back for managing/juggling that night!

  2. haha i'd love to, but without EJ, i would have been in tears im sure. lol

  3. Aww... Poor Sawyer and poor you! When Gav was sick like that he was right at a year old. We ended up making him a bed on the living room floor and covered the whole floor area with towels. Each time he would puke, we'd pick up the towel(s) he puked on and replace them with clean ones. Not fun.

  4. thanks for sharing this with me. made me feel not so alone this week!