Sunday, June 27, 2010

hold me accountable.

yeah, i started the c25k tonight.

yeah, i am effin tired and already sore.

yeah, i did it.


yeah, im posting a "before" pic. in hopes that it motivates me. judge away.

and be nice. i have a 7 week old. LOL

c25k day 1

oh, and yeah, looks like i needed a shower before the run, too. ew.


  1. I think you look DAMN good for having a 7 week old. I have a 15 mo old and look pretty similar.

    I am running 3 miles a day about 4-5 days a week, plus doing some weights and core stuff. I am so tired of the extra 25 lbs I am carrying.

    I really really really want to try p90X but it's so freaking expensive.

    Good luck! Your girls are so cute and I love your writing style!

  2. thank you :)

    but im just frustrated bc i havent been to the gym since i was 36 wks pregnant. so i feel so... blah. im just waiting to go back (i can go when R is 3 months old - thats the age for the childcare). i would LOVE to do p90x but i think id get overwhelmed with it LOL im gonna try this and see how it goes until august when i can go back and do my normal step/circuit training routines.

  3. I have to agree, for 7wks PP you look pretty damn good. I thought you'd mentioned you were nursing this time around - that made me SUPER skinny.

    I would rather gouge out my eyes than hit the gym. I signed up for Weight Watchers about 6mos pp after Ian, but even after hitting my goal weight (YAY!) I still just FEEL fat, so I guess I better start pumping some iron. Boooo.

  4. thanks amy :)

    and i was, but im not anymore. it became a huge ordeal bfing with 2 older kids running around. but we're all happy with it now :)

    and LOL i like the gym bc its 2 hrs of peace and quiet ;) and i know what you mean about weight (congrats btw!!). im only 3lbs from pre-preg weight and uh, i didnt look like this before. gah.

  5. Psshh you look great for being 7 weeks pp! You'll get those last few pounds off no problem

  6. lets hope this c25k helps get at least 10 off LOL

  7. You're human! lol. You really do look great, I think I look similar and P is almost 8 months old. I think I might start back up the 30 day shred..even if I ever get my stomach back to semi normal it's covered in stretchies. BLEH!
    Good luck!!

  8. hahaha shut it krystle ;)

    and im gonna do the 30DS starting today on the days i dont run. it was never enough when i went to the gym, but i think now it could do the trick.

    there had BETTER BE A DIFFERENCE in pics when im done with this summer lol

    ...or i shall be cranky.

  9. You go Mama!! I am on week 3 of the c25k I love it!! I will be holding you accountable!! :)

  10. YES! please do!! :) i'll update week 3, 6, and 9. just to make sure i finish!

    how is it going? are you finding yourself running a lot better/easier/more than you thought you would?

  11. Good for you. The endorphins will help keep you sane. I love my Tred Climber-it's name is "Alice."

  12. C25K got me from 240 to 180! I had to add more after the first 60 :)