Friday, June 11, 2010

what we do all day.

stay at home moms ask on message boards all the time - "hey! what do you SAHMs do all day? do you have a schedule?"

why yes. we do. so here goes it.

[keep in mind this is obviously aidan and sawyer's stuff. reese's schedule is simple. sleep. wake up to eat. look around for a while. go back to sleep. lather, rinse, repeat]

A and S wake up anytime between about 830-930am usually.

i get them, change them, put clothes on them, brush teeth and we head downstairs.

they are rarely "sitters" for breakfast. we usually grab breakfast and take it into my bathroom where they picnic on blankets and eat while i take a shower or get ready. sometimes aidan does her "makeup" with me lol (and copycat sawyer is getting into that now too, of course).

other times, i get ready before they even wake up.

then we plan the day. i try to get out of the house in the mornings 90% of the time. some days, we just play in the gameroom instead.

when i can go to the gym again (and the schedule for a while) will be/has been - go to gym at about 9am. class at 930. be home by 11ish. if we dont go to the gym, we walk around the store. and basically the same timeline applies. we used to go for walks, but its SO HOT out now by this time that its not worth it. they love it though

stroller fun4

i asked aidan a couple days ago if she wanted to go for a walk. she thought for a moment and said "momma, we gonna need a BIG STROLLER!!" lol she is right.

then lunch and getting ready for naps.

i will start off by saying how lucky i am. i have great sleepers *knock on wood* sawyer will nap for around 3 hrs without a fight. aidan used to. but now she has "rest time" in her room for a little bit. usually until she says "ok, i come down now" and i go get her. her room is a haven for little girls and she rarely ever argues about rest time. she has her dollhouse, littlest pet shop sets, blocks, and [judge away] her tv mounted on the wall (only set up for dvds. no cable or tv or anything). where i time her movie for a little bit and she relaxes. she NEEDS this time. without it, i pretty much hear nothing but tears over anything by 4pm. its miserable. she gets too over-stimulated or something. her room usually looks as if toys r us puked in there by the time she is done playing (or she pulls out blankets lol), but thats okay.

messy room1

anyway, this is when i pick up the house from the first 1/2 of the day and throw in laundry. and do things like im doing now - nothing. blogging. message boarding. facebooking. editing pics. etc.

when they wake up we have a snack. and do anything from this list -

gameroom playtime

friends on the kitchen1

pool time or sprinkler time outside

6.5.10 pool4

coloring/painting (lol)

marker tattoo1

etc... but we RARELY leave after naptime. there's no point. lol EJ gets home soon enough and then the evening schedule begins.

we eat dinner. now that its summer, we eat outside sometimes.

A and S picnic

sawyer wants a "lick! lick!" outside after dinner. fine by me ;) they'll have a popsicle or something and then we're back inside for baths. bc, um, sawyer usually looks like this:

sawyer fudgesicle2

EJ does bathtime. always has. now, i usually have to feed reese during this time so it works out nicely. sometimes they might take a shower.


shower sideeye

then we chase them. as they go crazy running through the downstairs naked.

gate screaming

go upstairs and brush teeth.

brushing teeth

and then some gameroom play and bedtime.

i give sawyer a bottle (99% water) and drop her in bed with her paci and blankies.

i turn on aidan's movie, time it for a few mins, give her her scoozie dogs (all 3 of them plus "baby scooze") and something to drink.

and thats that. they get into bed by 730pm at the latest. then its time with EJ and reese downstairs :) reese sometimes cluster feeds at night, but lately she's been going down between 9 and 10, up at about 2am, and then up at 6ish. but then back down until i feed her in the morning again :)

so thats that. a rough schedule of our day. the trials and tribulations of things such as the store with 3, how they are situated in my car, and other things like bad moods... will be discussed later. haha


  1. Awesome! Are you nursing R? If so, do you find it difficult to nurse a newborn for hours while occupying two toddlers? - Allison

  2. i did. up until this week. it was hard to entertain the other 2 while i BF'd. another obstacle was that i had to cut out all dairy - i was making her miserable with the tiniest little bit. :/ i felt horrible.

    we *just* transitioned her to all FF and it really has been sort of a relief. its nice for the girls to feed her when they want - makes them happy! and EJ enjoys it in the evenings as well. i was feeling very overwhelmed trying to "do it all", but now i feel a lot better.

  3. I am facing the same issue...I feel guilty for quitting, but also feel guilty for not giving enough attention to my 19 month old when the newborn would take forever to nurse (eat, fall asleep mid eating, wake up, repeat). We also have the dairy issue, sigh (the 19 month old is lactose intolerant, I thought I might escape it this time!) Love the blog! - Allison

  4. i felt terribly guilty this week. (my dd2 can't have milk either. its horrible) but i wasn't even "me". i felt helpless - like all i could do was sit on the couch and feed R. to me, this is much more of a bonding time for ALL of us. all 3 girls and i sit on my bed, trade off feeding her, sing songs... and that is worth it to me.

  5. I love that you started this new blog! I have enjoyed checking out your pictures on the other blog from time-to-time, but really loved reading this so far too!

    Oh and LOVE the 1 month pictures of Reese! She is adorable!

    *lovemytwoboys on TB if that helps at all :)*

  6. You get so much more done daily than I do. lol