Thursday, June 10, 2010

the question (s).

"so are you guys gonna try for a boy?"
"wow. three? so are you going to have any more?"
"are you out of your mind yet?"

ok, people don't really ask the last one. i mean, they are likely thinking it. ;) and if you are secretly wondering the answer - no, i have not lost my mind yet.

now to the other questions (which by the way i think is totally odd that people ask them 1. when i only have a newborn or 2. when i was pregnant). anyway.

we do not *try* for a gender. would a boy be fun? im sure. would i be totally happy with 3 (or more) girls? you bet your ass.

let me explain. girls are amazing. lol im not discounting that boys may be just as fun. but man, i could spend all day listening to girly giggles coming from the other room or (ear piercing) shrills of excitement as they run out of the bathroom after bath time and scurry throughout the house naked as we try to chase them down to clothe them. i love tutus and makeup. i love to paint their nails. i love doing their hair. all of it. love.

and newsflash: EJ doesn't mind it either. (pick your jaw up from the floor) its surprising to me the, what seems like, pity he gets from strangers when we are all out. "wow, 3 girls? what did YOU do in a previous life?". "whoa. all girls! sorry, dude!"


we have 3 totally perfect children. give us high 5's. not comments of "oh. too bad you didnt have a boy!". i don't even know what id do with one ;)

its strange, but thus is society i suppose. lol

ok, now on to the other question. i have no idea if we'll have more kids. who am i to predict the future? would that be okay? yes. would it be okay if we didnt? yes. so since i JUST had a ball of love named reese --- why don't you give us a few months to decide about another one, ok?

well, except for aidan - she can ask. and she does. "you got another baby in that belly?" lol no aidan, not right now. but i mean, who can blame her for asking, right? thats how she knows me! haha im the giver of sisters. and for her - that seems to be alright.

any other questions i missed? :) if so - let me know. i will answer.


  1. I love your new blog!

  2. My sister in law had 4 kids in 6 years. 3 girls and the last was a boy. Although my brother in law didnt care if they had 10 kids he wanted a boy. Ah, Im one of those people that are just happy with who (my baby boy) we have been blessed with. I love the new blog by the way.

  3. haha if our next one is a boy (or two lol), EJ would be ecstatic. like i said, he is a great dad of girls, but i know that a boy would make him explode with excitement at the gender u/s LOL but i fear that little boy would be torturing his sisters from day one ;)

    and thank you :)

  4. I get the same comments and it annoys me lol. I have all girls and seem to get pity from people. Girls are amazing and so much fun! I love that they have sisters to grow up with. My husband would love a boy but as of now this baby maker is shut down haha.

  5. I always ask about #4 but you know I'm not judging you. *love*

  6. Maybe the people who ask what you did in a past life are thinking ahead to when your three girls are teenagers!

  7. lol well that i know ;) i get the joke - i just think its odd i guess. im never offended lol maybe i just hear it too often?