Tuesday, July 13, 2010

clones. or not.

so now is the time (well, the first time) we try to figure out if Reese looks like Aidan or Sawyer :)

so. here is reese now.
2 months1

2 months5

here is aidan's first 2 years :)


and here are a couple links from when sawyer was about the same age as reese is now!



im laughing my butt off at the funny faces sawyer made as a baby. lol


  1. She doesn't look much like Sawyer to me. A bit like Aidan, but really just her own self! Don't get me wrong, they do all look very similar.

  2. I think she looks like her own little person. Sawyer and Aiden look a lot a like when they were babies, but there is something different about Reese. I can't really put my finger on it but I think it might kind of be the shape of her head. All I know is Reese is freaking adorable.

  3. i see her in both girls but neither are a total clone, she's her own girlie gurl:) It's so much fun to see who they look like.

    My sister-in-law's first two sons favored one parent or the other (to the point where folks dont always believe they're siblings). Her third (born last week) appears to be a pretty solid mix of everyone.

  4. I've been thinking that Reese looks so much like Aiden but she's quite her own person.

  5. I think Reese looks more like Aidan now than either of them as a baby.

  6. I don't think she looks like either, they had chubby cheeks, especially Sawyer and hers are very fitting to her face.
    She's adorable!

  7. I agree with Colleen (above) completely! I was going to type up something very similar until I realized she already said it! :)

  8. I think she looks more like Sawyer...but you can DEFINETELY tell they are all sisters.