Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dear paci.

dearest soothie,

your green (and later, blue and pink) translucent sheen has covered my middle child's face for long enough. her teeth and palette have grown fond of you - and even made a nice comfy form fitting home for your rubber (is that what it is? lol) shape.

my deepest apologies for cutting a large hole in your tip on saturday, but its tuesday now and it seems sawyer has forgotten about you.

through the tears, sawyer conning to come "downstairs" for a "nack" or to try to play in the "gameroom, peeeese!", and lack of naptimes - i can safely say that im 95% sure we dont need you anymore.

it was hard. it was. sawyer told me you were "broken. need new paci!" at first. but since sawyer has gone to bed without her beloved paci for 2 nights now without a fight, i am confident that naps will continue to go back to normal and that life will resume without you.

sincerely yours,

now. for the *how*.

i was tickling sawyer and playing around in our bedroom on sat. she was laughing hard and i look into her mouth and see exactly what that bastard of a paci has done. so that was it :) i had EJ cut a whole in the top of one and only let her have that at bedtime.

it was rough going on sat/sunday nights. we'd have to bring her down and wear her out a bit more (she is not a very good self soother. never has been. she's just the type of kid to settle down MORE if she could have a few mins of time with us alone... then she's good to go back to bed).

monday/tues nights she went to bed perfect. :) so we'll see how it goes. the only things we have to do now is be on the look out for stashed pacis ;) who knows where she has them! lol so i have to catch them before she does!

what are your great paci transition stories? do tell!


  1. Eek! What did the soothe do to her mouth? Do you give R pacifier? If so, how will you avoid S stealing it?

  2. lol it has basically messed up her teeth a bit and started to eff up her palate, but luckily - taking it away now, will make it go back to normal in a few months :)

    and R DOES have a paci, but its totally different (not a soothie. and its orthodontic) and sawyer has never tried to take it. sawyer will bring me reese's even. S likes 1 kind - the soothie :) thats it. luckily.

  3. We just weaned DD not too long ago . . . I wrote about it here (
    I was going to cut the tip off if we had trouble with just taking it away, but she did fine. I wanted to make sure she was off the paci before her baby brother arrives . . . I knew it'd be hard to wean her if her baby brother had one. That's good that Sawyer doesn't care about Reese's!

  4. glad that she did so well, lisa!!

    i made 100% sure that reese did not take soothies. lol that last thing i wanted was sawyer taking them.

    why, oh why is this something we even have to care about lol

  5. i waited a bit longer with my oldest daughter...i took it on her 3rd birthday. the first week or so was tough, but things went back to normal. i think, as parents, we are more attached to certain things than they are..i ffor nothing else than our own comfort. my younger daughter still uses a paci, but i think i will try to take it at age 2 this time around! oh, and for what it's worth, i didn't cut it or anything...jsut took it. i prefaced it with a short conversation about paci leaving when ellie turns 3for about a wek or so befoire hand. now, i'm not sure she even remembers that she had one!

  6. We weaned Elle at 5.5 months! Eeek, it was not a fun four nights! I was sick of giving her the paci all night and she adjusted pretty well. Glad it was not too hard on you guys :)

  7. haha mama, i should have done it then too - but at that point i was STILL trying to de-swaddle her ::twitch:: miserable.

    and jillybean - that was nice your dd was at an age where she could understand. i thought about doing that with sawyer (waiting) but i just couldnt bc the soothie is so bad on teeth! i would have much rather said "youre a big girl. on this day its gone" (in nicer, ya know, kid terms) lol

  8. thanks for this post... Connor (almost 22 mos) still uses his paci at bed and naps. However, if that stinker finds one stashed around the house midday he'll use it. Even if he wasn't thinking about it.
    Just yesterday he had tubes put in his ears so I used that as a marking period -- I wanted him to have his pacifier for comfort in hospital (or maybe, MOMMY wanted him to have it still) but, to try to better his speech (by not ruining his mouth) and prevent further infections in his ears, the time has come.

    thanks for sharing the "real life" version of weaning off a paci.