Monday, July 5, 2010

holiday in which 2 out of 3 kids cry.

EJ and i had a great time on saturday july 3rd with our friends out in the country.

you can see all the pics here.

and july 4th day was great too :) ate at my parents house when we went to pick up the girls, came home for nap time, ate dinner and then went outside for popscicles.

EJ was excited to show aidan and sawyer sparklers and fun popping type holiday stuff.

he stood over here.
4th of july34

while the girls were over here.
4th of july31

aidan hates them.
4th of july33

later that night she wouldnt even watch them out of an upstairs window. lol

anyway, i decided to take sawyer to the city's fireworks. she loved the sparklers and such! well, by the time she was out at least an hour past her bedtime, she went from this
4th of july40

to this
4th of july44

in a matter of a minute or 2. lol

at least i tried, right? she only wanted to be on my shoulders (while i pushed the stroller through mud. haha) so we packed up and went home and that was that.

and little reese. sigh. she slept all evening. it was too hot to take her out and she'd sleep through it all anyway. 2 months old must be glorious.

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