Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ok i'll be honest.

i am HUGE FAIL at c25k.

quit judging. and let me explain why.

it was the end of june, mid 80's in the evenings... glorious. "omg i could totally run in this." and it was true.

after week 1 and 2, it rained. a lot. and the last thing i felt like doing was running in it.

then it turned into mid-july and, well, bottom line, i am not running in 95 degree weather lol that sucks. its hot and i dont want to do it. ::shrug:: i should have thought about the july/aug temperature shift when i started, but i didnt - so now i am just a failure. ;)

listen, i am so ready to go back to my gym classes that its ridiculous. i miss my step, my dance music, my friends, my gym childcare (lol), and all the rest that comes with it. gaaaahhhh. but only another 2 weeks (max) and we will be back there (reese has to be 12 weeks or 3 months - i have to find that out).

so, for all you c25k-ers or just those who TRIED - running blows. LOL i will take my circuit class/aerobics over running in a texas summer any day.

so there.


  1. Totally feel you! Texas heat sucks!!!

  2. we have had a brutal summer here too....hot and humid everyday. i just completed the 10-mile race i was training for and i want to quit running forever...or at least go back to my air-conditioned gym!!!

  3. I did C25k and I started in January. It was COLD, but it was so awesome to run in. I ran regularly from then on out, but I've only ran a handful of times in June and July. It's just too hot and humid in South GA!! So I feel ya. Good luck, though. It's definitely worth it. I lost 34lbs! :)