Monday, July 26, 2010

things in sawyer's crib.

i took inventory this afternoon.

stuff in crib

it seems as if she has:

1. four blankets - 2 that are hers, 1 is reese's, and 1 that is aidan's.
2. her lamb lovey.
3. a chicken little soft book.
4. sesame street counting book.
5. a blackberry.
6. a garmin GPS.
7. five mega blocks.
8. an incredible hulk action figure.

pick your battles ;)


  1. haha. love it. I let Peyton play with the video camera and our phones. If it will keep her happy & quiet, I'm game.

  2. haha oh yeah. i have tons of random pics on my actual cell (the blackberry is an old one). kids can play with phones for EVER! so go right ahead, kiddo!